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Gratuitous Hottie Face Off: Who's the Better Batman Edition

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Friday July 20, 201234 comments

One of the most anticipated films of the summer is the newest addition to the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises. Now, when we started talking Batman in the office, of course, the discussion lead to one very heated debate: Who is the best Batman? 

We're going to be putting four guys to the test: Clooney, Keaton, Bale and Kilmer. Of course, this wouldn't be a hotties debate without discussing smouldering good looks. So, we'll be talking hotness levels as well as general Batman-esque appeal and charm. 

Round 1 : Who's the sexier Bruce Wayne? 

George Clooney: George is suave and let's face it, he is most definitely the handsomest of the Batmans. How can anyone resist that smile? 

Christian Bale: Bale captures the playboy side of Bruce Wayne perfectly. He wouldn't be my top hottie pick, but I will say that he does have a certain ' je ne sais quoi'. 

Val Kilmer: Val Kilmer as Bruce, to me, is about as exciting as oatmeal. Is it just me or did he lack a serious sexy factor?

Michael Keaton: In all honesty, Michael isn't my favourite but maybe not the worst. He has a bit of swagger, I will admit that. Though, I am not sure if he holds a candle to Clooney in the looks department. 

Round 2 : Who wears the batsuit best? 

George Clooney: Oh Clooney, while I am not sure if you are quite superhero material, I will say that you fill out that suit like nobody's business. 

Christian Bale: Bale is definitely the darkest and most brooding of the Batmans. I appreciate his angsty take of the Bat. 

Val Kilmer: You know how Val was kind of a Bruce Wayne let down? Well, sadly I feel pretty much the same about him as Batman. I want my Bat to be strong, silent and tough and Val just doesn't do it for me. 

Michael Keaton: Keaton was always just a bit too goofy for me as Batmanl. Is it shallow to say that I wish this Batman had a few more muscles? 

Round 3 : Which is the chick's pick?

Alexandra: Bale. He has the perfect mix for playing both Wayne and Batman. He may not be as hot as Clooney but he certainly has the personality down. 
Mandy: Bale because he plays the dark, strong and deep thinking Batman. 

Miranda: Bale. He's mysterious, has dashing good looks, great presense and the closest portrayal of Batman. Gotta love the deep raspy voice!

So chicks, we're putting this one out to you: who makes the best Batman? Leave a comment and let us know! Plus, let us know if you'll be seeing the The Dark Knight Rises! 
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on October 13, 2012  Helena  324 said:

Christian Bale!

on August 02, 2012  Claire said:

Christian Bale ofcourse!!

on July 27, 2012  Bubblybunny  4,709 said:

Christian Bale. Hands down.

on July 26, 2012  babysaffron said:

Bale is the one and only batman.... He got the HERO quality and the others don't...

on July 26, 2012  Karen Lea  628 said:

I'm a total Michael Keaton fan for Batman...Bale is second, but I was really disappointed when Keaton didn't come back to the other movies.

on July 26, 2012  sparkletangerine  1,073 said:

forget George, Christian bale is the best and the only batman!

on July 26, 2012  marysia said:

TEAM MICHEAL KEATON the one and only batman the rest dont care val kilmer maybe a little bit

on July 25, 2012  Romana  372 said:


on July 25, 2012  LEHA  1,626 said:

Christian Bale. I liked Michael Keaton, but Bale turned me into a bona fide Batman fan!

on July 25, 2012  Sherry B. said:

Christian Bale all the way!

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