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Lazy to Glam: 5 Ingenious Fast Fashion and Beauty Fixes

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday January 10, 201418 comments

I am in the unfortunate situation of being both incredibly lazy and loving beauty products. When I'm at home, or coming from the office, my usual look is subtle, natural and laid back. Hairs in a bun and clothes are mostly easy, throw on basics. However, there are occasions that need me to quickly take my lazy Alex look and bring it to fancy schmancy professional Alex. Interviews, meetings, dates, ladies nights: they all call for a little glam. 

When this happens, I have a few secret weapons to kick it up a notch: 

Mani in Minutes:

2., 4. Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Kit in Painted Veil and Rock Candy (C$10.99 each, avail Feb 2014) 
1., 3. imPRESS Press On Glitter Manicure by Broadway Nails (C10.99 each, avail Feb 2014)  

I am obsessed with these fabulous fakes. I know fake nails seem really 90's, but these ones are awesome. They have cool designs and look natural. If I want to jazz it up in just a minute or two, I pop these on and my scraggly, bitten nails are suddenly cool and sophisticated. It literally takes minutes for a pro looking mani.  

Hot Heels:

1. Shoelery Boot Chains Spiked Chain (C$29.99)
2. Shoelery Spiked Heel Ring (C$19.99) 
3. Shoelery Shoe Clips Smiling Skull (C$24.99)

Say you're at work and you get a last minute invite to a party and all you've got on you is a basic black and a pair of boots. Instead of reaching for statement jewelry, reach for statement shoelery! Add one of these bad boys and voila- new pair of shoes! 

Look Cute in a Flash:


1. Demeter Fragrance Library in Laundromat (C$10.00): We all sweat. And though we wear deodorant and perfumes, towards the end of the day, we may not be our freshest. I love Demeter fragrances because they are single scents that don't overpower. I like to carry around one in a fresh, light scent like Laundromat. It's like shower cheating. 

 2. Stila Pretty Pick Me Ups (C$20.00): Blush and a lippie are two essentials. They give you a more polished, put together look and make you look more alert and refreshed. 
3. Venus Snap Embrace (C$15.99, avail Feb 2014): Okay, this may seem odd but the more I read about this travel sized, mini razor, the more I like it. Here's a scenario: you shower, put on your fave sleeveless dress, head to work and you get there only to realise - you forgot to nip those hairs out. Yikes. And you have plans for drinks later! Head to the washroom discretely and take care of business. 
What are some of your quick beautifiers to get you glammed up?

How do you get ready in a snap?
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on January 12, 2014  lovelydays  3,649 said:

That little razor is interesting. I could see quite a few people keeping one in their bag for those moments of need

on January 11, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

sparkly bracelet

on January 11, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

Thanks, Alex...will add it to my list next time I'm at Superstore.

on January 10, 2014  fredamans  12,209 said:

I am stuck on studs this year too... there's just something about it!

on January 10, 2014  AlexJC  50 said:

@wendyroy You can find them in Superstore's in Canada or online (linked on price)
@katelynrose1984 I would recommend the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails. They'll last a week usually before they start coming off and when they pop off, just use glue!

on January 10, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

I never heard of Demeter fragrances...sounds like something \I would like to try...where can I find it?

on January 10, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I love this post!

I'm all about the stick on nails. I have used them a few times for certain events, and really like them. But, I have to admit - all the ones that I have tried, come off relatively easily..

Love the jewelry for shoes! Never tried it myself, but I have seen a few really cute ones!

on January 10, 2014  rachified  290 said:

This whole shoelery thing is super cute. When I initially discovered it, I thought it was rather cheesey but I've warmed up to it. After seeing it on a shoe, I can see how it can totally vamp up your look and make you feel like you're wearing a new pair of kicks!

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