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Who's Your Celebrity Spring Fragrance Muse?

Monday March 24, 2014 by Christina

I have to be honest with you Chicks, although I love smelling good, I don't have that grand of a perfume collection and have stuck with the same Vanilla scent for as long as I can remember. But since Spring is coming (I feel like the more I say it, the more it will come true) it's time to start adding to my perfume collection, especially since more and more designers are releasing their new Spring...

We Love Fridays: Atelier Cologne

Friday March 14, 2014 by Alexandra C.

So I have talked about this ad nauseam, but I am obsessed with finding my signature scent. Somehow I got it into my head that every chic woman must have a signature scent that defines her style and who she is. I imagine that the effortlessly cool ladies of Paris all have a signature scent that they spritz on every morning as they casually make their way down to the cafe for a cappuccino. Obviously...

#BeautyTalk: What's Your Signature Scent? (Comment to Win!)

Monday February 3, 2014 by Alexandra C.

What I love about fragrances is that they react differently to everyone's skin and innate scent, and they change as they settle. What smells great on you might smell terrible and musty on me. Perfumes are unique to each person, which makes finding the perfect one for you essential. I'm kind of obsessed with finding my signature scent. I have a favourite foundation, concealer, lip balm and mascara,...

Lazy to Glam: 5 Ingenious Fast Fashion and Beauty Fixes

Friday January 10, 2014 by Alexandra C.

I am in the unfortunate situation of being both incredibly lazy and loving beauty products. When I'm at home, or coming from the office, my usual look is subtle, natural and laid back. Hairs in a bun and clothes are mostly easy, throw on basics. However, there are occasions that need me to quickly take my lazy Alex look and bring it to fancy schmancy professional Alex. Interviews, meetings, dates,...

Review of the Week: Perfume (Dec 9-15)

Monday December 9, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Do you chicks have a signature scent? I've always wanted to find my signature scent but I've never been able to pinpoint that perfect perfume. Still, I'm on the hunt. Lately, I've been alternating between Lush Sikkim Girls and Balenciaga Flora Botanica. I love both of them, but I'm not quite sure if they're good enough to be at the top of the list. 

I need some guidance. This week, I...

Find Your Celebrity Perfume Muse

Thursday October 24, 2013 by Renee

When looking for a new fragrance, it is easy to get lost in a sea of fancy bottles. To help narrow down the search for the perfect perfume, we decided to look to our favourite celebrity it girls for some scent-spiration. We are on the hunt for our celebrity fragrance spirit animal, so to speak.

Match up your personal vibe to one of the four famous faces below, and voila - a new fall fragrance...

We Tried It: Do We Need a Perfume Primer?

Tuesday October 15, 2013 by ChickAdvisor Team

The following is a true story: the other day, sitting at my desk at work, at about 5:30pm, I took a whiff of myself and declared to Miranda: "I don't smell so good." She said, "Um, what?" and I replied: "My skin smells like hummus". It was not a good moment in my life. This is exactly when a product like Canvas & Concrete's perfume primer would have come in handy. 

This perfume...

ChickAdvisor Staff Fall Favourites

Thursday October 10, 2013 by Alexandra C.

As the seasons change, so does my beauty routine. Here at CA HQ, not only have we been changing up our beauty routines to fit the fall air, but we've also been making the change from tees to hoodies, iced tea to lattes and beach bumming to staying cozy inside. You get the point. 

So with a new season, we've been been searching for new loves and developing some serious crushes. Here are a...

Retail Therapy Wishlist: 10 Beauty Products We're Coveting

Thursday August 22, 2013 by Alexandra C.

So chicks, my credit card bill came in from when I did my major huge skincare shopping spree and um, it ain't pretty. While I'm pretty head over heels in love with almost everything I purchased, I went ever so slightly overboard. I would be lying if I said that there weren't any purchases made after that article as well. Ugh, I know, I suck. All the spending has made me ever so slightly...

Try These Scent-sational Perfumes

Tuesday August 6, 2013 by Alexandra C.

I love fragrances. I've been wearing perfume since I received my first bottle of Ralph Lauren, Ralph and I coveted it, using only the teensiest amounts at a time. I actually still have some left. Now, while I love the classic fragrances, I can't tell you how bored I get of smelling the same scent on every other person on the street. What I love about perfumes is that they become a signature scent...

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