Little Jacket Pose-Off

Wednesday March 17, 2010 by Ali

I love little jackets and blazers because you can throw them on top of anything to instantly look more polished. Take for example, the fact that though my posing shots were taken on separate days, I am wearing the same top underneath. By itself, it is an unremarkable little tank with - truth be told - a little stain from the time I spilled an Americano on myself last summer. Well actually, it was a giant poodle that jumped on me, tail wagging and the drink went flying. Not that any of that matters since we are talking about little jackets here and why am I wearing wearing stained clothes anyway?

Back to the jackets.

Mandy found this cute little 80 inspired number at for $98. The shoulder pads give it some edge and it looks great with pretty much anything.

I got the Chino Crinkle Blazer, $124 from Banana Republic recently and for once, it fits my narrow shoulders perfectly.

Mandy is also responsible for picking out this one H+M, which I promptly copied. Can you believe it was only $22? Thanks to the $15 off jackets promotion they are running this week, it's an amazing deal.

Which do you you like the best?

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