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Posted by Julie | Monday September 11, 201710 comments
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Calling all Families,
Good news -- We just launched our new site,, and we've got a great new opportunity exclusively for all the moms and dads out there. For our very first FamilyRated Club offer, we teamed up with Seventh Generation to make you (re)discover their products. 

175 Canadian families will be given the opportunity to try Seventh Generation products. Do you want to learn how you could be one of them? Click on the orange banner below to get started.

NOTE: you need to be signed up to your own profile on (click here to register).

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.


Appel à toutes les familles,
Bonne nouvelle -- Notre nouveau site,, est maintenant en ligne. Pour la toute première offre du Club FamilyRated, nous avons une opportunité s'adressant exclusivement aux familles et mettant en vedette les produits de la marque Seventh Generation.

175 familles canadiennes auront la chance de tester des produits signés Seventh Generation. Envie de connaître les détails et de savoir comment vous pourriez être l'une d'entre elles? Cliquez sur la bannière orange.

 NOTE: vous devez être connecté à votre propre compte sur (cliquez ici pour vous inscrire).

Vous devez être une membre FamilyRated pour vous inscrire à cette opportunité (l'inscription est gratuite). Le fait de vous inscrire à cette opportunité ne garantit pas que vous allez être sélectionné(e) pour cette offre. FamilyRated est l'unique décideur lorsque vient le temps de choisir les participants à cette offre et se réserve le droit que disqualifier quiconque pour toute raison qui soit.

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on September 22, 2017  charbella2  38,334 said:

I would love the opportunity for my family to try these natural and safe products. I love spreading the word about all the amazing products I try and I would love to share my thoughts and experience with other mom and dad's.

on September 17, 2017  Laurel101  1,835 said:

This is a fantastic product line!!! Would LOVE too try/review these products! Natural Eco-friendly lines are the way too go!! @chickadvisor @familyrated #trySeventhGeneration

on September 13, 2017  Isabelle300  938 said:

J'aimerais beaucoup être choisie pour pouvoir tester ces produits écologiques !!

on September 12, 2017  srw0728  455 said:

I also can't past the part where they ask for my address. Keeps sayin I need to add the information but I have already filled everything out. Really wanted to try this. #FamilyRated

on September 12, 2017  tanyac28  410 said:

I would love the opportunity to try some of these amazing products as a mother or 3 young kids with sensivities it's quite important that I stay with natural products!! #trySeventhGeneration #ChickAdvisor I love it!! #FamilyRated

on September 12, 2017  christine said:

I can't even log into my regular chickadvisor account. Was really wanting to apply for this one :(

on September 12, 2017  Duckmommy  647 said:

I can't apply for this because when I get to the part of the survey that asks for my address it won't let me go pass it, even though I put all my info in it keeps saying that I need to fill out!!!?????

on September 12, 2017  EveryOption  719 said:

Such a great opportunity to try a eco-friendly brand.

on September 11, 2017  Kittkatt875  1,477 said:

I really hope I get picked for this!!!! Nothing beats new eco friendly products

on September 11, 2017  kelx  18,055 said:

LOVE LOVE!!!! Im so excited about an eco-friendly, family safe product line!!!! This is amazing!!!!

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