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New Product Review Club Offer: Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Posted by Claire | Monday May 9, 201686 comments

We live in an incredible time where there is something new and shiny coming out every day, and we just can't wait to be the first to pick up the latest smartphone or try the trendy beauty product! We laugh about life before the Internet and smile with forced patience at our grandparents when they start in with the "back in my day" speeches. 

How did we as a species survive without everyone having their own cell phone?? How did teenagers manage to have real friendships and meaningful conversations before Snapchat?? These, Chicks, are the questions that keep us up at night. 

All joking aside, advances in technology are (mostly) to our benefit. One such upgrade really made a difference for me, and that is when I made the switch to a powered toothbrush. This coming from a practical, midwest-born Chick who happily used those free manual toothbrushes from the dentist for years because hey -- FREE.

Since I had always used correct brushing technique and always usually occasionally flossed, I honestly didn't expect much of a difference when I upgraded (and in fact, the only reason I did so was because it was a gift), but I can honestly say that I noticed an improvement within just a few days. 

Less buildup in hard-to-reach places, improved gum health, and a subtly whiter smile - noticeable enough that people complimented me and asked which bleaching product I was using (none!). I was so impressed that when I saw the very affordably priced Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Toothbrush, I immediately bought one for my husband and each of my kids. See ya later, free dentist toothbrushes!

Another difference: zero cavities since making the switch. ZERO. Now obviously, every mouth is different and no toothbrush in the entire world can guarantee you'll be cavity-free, but in the case of our family, Spinbrush™ really has made a positive impact on our oral health compared to using manual toothbrushes. The battery-powered Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Toothbrush boasts revolutionary design to create the ultimate brushing experience that removes 100% more plaque*. You can find this product at most mass retailers and national grocery and drugstore chains across Canada for $15 or less. Go buy one right now!

Disclaimer: No, my cheque is not in the mail; I personally am not an Arm & Hammer spokesperson. I just seriously love this product that much! 

But remember, here at the Product Review Club, we "try before we buy"! Yep, we're offering 200 of you the chance to try Spinbrush at home and report back to the rest of us with your results. Want to be one of them?

Share about this #TrySpinbrush opportunity on Twitter or Instagram! This offer closes on May 22, 2016. 

Good luck!

*in many of the hardest to reach areas vs manual brush

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on May 10, 2016  claudine paquet said:

jaimerais lessayer

on May 10, 2016  Astuce  3,147 said:

Thank you for this great opportunity #ChickAdvisor and #Arm&Hammer #TrySpinBrush :)

on May 09, 2016  angel7  2,078 said:

I am very fond of coffee ,fruits and wine and I am not a stranger to chocolate either. I will not be foregoing my cup of goodness lol any time soon lives depend on that,but my smile shouldn't have to suffer! I would love to try the Arm and Hammer truly radiant spinbrush toothbrush to brighten up my smile! Thanks for the opportunity! #TrySpinBrush @chickadvisor

on May 09, 2016  julielynnmartin  1,206 said:

I drink a ton of tea and it takes along time to get off i would love to see if tge brush cuts down the time #TrySpinbrush #ChickAdvisor

on May 09, 2016  ashleywoo  3,021 said:

I would love to try and review this product!! #TrySpinBrush

on May 09, 2016  Winslow  18,973 said:

Would love to try and review this!

on May 09, 2016  girlwhoreviews  4,712 said:

I didn't know Arm and Hammer made brushes! I use and love their toothpaste now so I'd love the chance to #TrySpinBrush with ChickAdvisor!

on May 09, 2016  Nessi  17,724 said:

I really hope I get selected for this fantastic product review, I've been wanting to try an electric toothbrush but there's so many on the market I don't even know where to try , would love to try #TrySpinbrush

on May 09, 2016  bellaki  208 said:

the spinbrush would be a nice addition to cleaning my teeth never tried it that way but would love to .i'm sure it would help me have cleaner teeth

on May 09, 2016  Chikita10101  6,323 said:

My teeth would really love to give this a spin. It would make a great first campaign for me. I'm a coffee lover and would like to see how this product would help. Good luck everyone!

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