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Prada fires 'fat & ugly people'

Posted by Claire | Monday March 15, 2010 Leave a comment
Are you seeking a career in high-end fashion? Please send headshot and CV to _____. The old, fat, and ugly need not apply.

Shocked? This most recent example of bad corporate behaviour comes from Prada via allegations made by an ex-employee - yes, that Prada who swapped out their stick-thin runway models for more politically correct sizes in the form of Victoria's Secret Angels (and indeed, we do appreciate the irony).

However, we're not that surprised. Is it about selling a feeling as much as the clothes themselves, or a gimmick to stay in the headlines (remember Karl)? Controversy is the caviar they live on (just ask Lindsay Lohan).

Stores have their hiring policies, and consumers have shopping choices: ultimately, the answer will come from you. Until then, expect to see perfection on the rack and behind the till.

Oh, and feminists - you also need not apply.

Are you horrified? Or do you think this is a stunt?
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