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Quizzes: What Do They Really Reveal About You?

Posted by Make-up Junkie | Tuesday December 1, 2009 Leave a comment
For most of us, High School was full of awkward, who-am-I moments. Like many young gals, I collected magazine after magazine, pen in hand and ready to discover who I "was". As if young girls didn't have enough playing on their insecurities, quizzes were supposed to be the answer to who we were or who we were going to be.

What kind of kisser are you? Are you a good girlfriend? What kind of BFF are you? These were the burning questions we would sit around answering hoping to reveal some new insight.

How much do quizzes really reveal about us - and are they meant to reveal anything? Fess up, now: most of us circled the answers that were the obvious "correct" choice, didn't we? When the scores were tallied, the majority of us fell into the middle "normal" category. Other times, we picked answers wanting to be someone we're not. Did we really take these quizzes seriously, or truthfully out of pure fun and silliness?

In the end, the "answers" are there to reinforce what we've known all along. Yes, I am a fabulous kisser, an amazing girlfriend, and the most loyal BFF ever. Well - of course!

What do you think of quizzes? Are they just for fun, or misleading for young impressionable girls?

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