Review of the Week: Powder (Dec 10-16)

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday December 10, 20128 comments

Though I don't use powder all that often, it's an essential in my makeup bag for setting my makeup, giving it a longer lasting finish and reducing shine. And... I just ran out of my powder. Darn. 

In light of the fact that I've just used up my powder, I thought I'd make it the subject of this week's Review of the Week! By now you should know the drill but if you're new, here's the low down. 

From December 10th to 16th, review a powder and you are automatically entered to win a prize! The more you review, the better your chances are of winning! I'm looking forward to reading all the reviews and hopefully finding a new powder recommendation for myself! If you're ready to review, head on over here and get started. If you'd like to read some existing reviews, check 'em out here. 

Remember, you need to be a ChickAdvisor member to review, so if you aren't, register over here and I'll also send you a virtual hug when you do!
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on December 13, 2012  Huskyfrompluto  2,153 said:

on December 13, 2012  Ckingma  1,409 said:

reviewed MAC powder! <3

on December 10, 2012  takoda  28,125 said:

Wow I just realized that this is one thing I haven't reviewed yet. Thanks for the reminder.

on December 10, 2012  fredamans  10,048 said:

I use Covergirl. Always have.

on December 10, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I actually just purchased a new face powder over the weekend, so this is the perfect timing!

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