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Yay or Nay: Solange Knowles Does a Double Slit Dress

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday December 10, 201287 comments

I recently put the lovely Solange Knowles on my top 10 most stylish celebs of 2012 list. While I still love the heck out of a Solange tune, after this outfit, I'm almost considering taking her spot back. 

First let's tackle the hair: I'm totally a fan of the big, crazy blowout, but the 80's style bangs just aren't doing it for me. Not the best, but not the worst. We'll call it adequate. Her makeup is simple but she looks hawt. I've been going through a 'natural, no makeup phase' of late but this dark kohl is seriously changing my mind. 

So, now we need to address the biggest issue at hand: the double slits. What is up with that? She's not the first celeb to try on this look. Carly Rae Jepsen attempted it and we've even debated this before when it came to Jessie J. It's not even that Solange looks bad, it's just that this style of dress is kind of ridiculous. Is it just me? Am I missing something when it comes to this trend? 

On the plus side, I'm digging the accessories and her mani. So... there's that at least?

What do you think of this look? Is it a yay or a nay? Leave a comment below with your answer by December 16th and you could win! 

(images via tomandlorenzo.com, digitalspy.caredcarpet-fashionawards.com)
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on January 07, 2013  Elisha said:

Nay - the dress looks like a giant diaper that hasn't been folded yet.

on December 17, 2012  thepinksimsboard  2,344 said:

Big ol' NAY.
I think it just looks like she's busting out of her dress.

on December 17, 2012  torontogirl84  2,271 said:

Nay on the dress slits...it just looks awkward in the front :S It would look great with just one slit though!

on December 16, 2012  katieg  10,672 said:

Nay! Dress looks like its pulling apart and hair is out of control.

on December 16, 2012  azazel  1,775 said:

nay !

on December 16, 2012  Vivid  1,738 said:


on December 14, 2012  Racenhawk  2,689 said:

nay! she needs lessons from Beyonce!

on December 14, 2012  CandiceFleming  516 said:

hoooly no! nay on everything.

on December 14, 2012  BlondeBrittany  1,000 said:

The dress it just plain wrong!


on December 13, 2012  cuteraccoon  845 said:


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