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We Love Fridays: 10 Fabulous Fall Scarves

Posted by Alexandra | Friday August 17, 201221 comments

Even though it's mid August, in my mind, it's the first week of July and I've got my whole summer ahead of me. Say what you will; that I'm "in denial" or what have you, but I refuse to let go of summer until it hits less than 5 degrees. 

In my efforts to avoid fall at all costs, I like prolong the time before necessary 'jacket wearing weather'. Seriously, whoever said you couldn't pull off a tee and bare legs in October has never meet me before. However, when night time hits or a rainy, windy day, I have to admit that I do get a slight shiver. To combat this, I have stocked my closet full of fun and fabulous fall scarves. Not only are scarves practical (they double as a wrap for a night out!), they also jazz up a basic tee and jeans outfit. This fall, I suggest you chicks invest in some great scarves and to start you off, I've rounded up 10 of my favourites. 
1. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Crosshatch Printed Eternity Scarf (US$20.00, on sale)
2. Aldo McMellen Scarf (C$20.00)  
3. J.Crew Printed Scarf (US$65.00)
4. TopShop Skull Scarf (C$40.00) 
5. Anthropologie Inkjet Mingle Scarf (US$68.00) 

1. Old Navy Leopard-Print Infinity Scarf (C$14.94)
2. Club Monaco Elsalen Striped Scarf (C$69.50)  
3. Gap Elephant Print Scarf (C$34.95) 
4. Tobi Spotty Scarf (US$15.00) 
5. Zara Large Flower Neckerchief (C$29.90)

Which one of these scarves is your favourite?
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on August 29, 2012  MizzRobin  13,788 said:

Love the J Crew and the Tobi Spotty Scarf!

on August 23, 2012  SJ8706  309 said:

I love the pink polka dot one!

on August 22, 2012  joipoyaoan  963 said:

1 and 5 of the second set

on August 21, 2012  haron  11,779 said:

love the leopard print scarf.

on August 21, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I am a scarf hoarder, my go to outfit in the fall is a plain t-shirt, cardigan/light jacket, jeans and a cute scarf. My favorite is #3 in the first set, but right now I am also on the lookout for a really cute leopard scarf like #1 in the second set.

on August 21, 2012  aimee.mercer  3,509 said:

Love #3 in first photo and #4 in second photo!

on August 21, 2012  sheheehee  2,364 said:

It's too hard to say which one I love the most!! Scarves are the best! Thanks for showing a wide variety with a wide price range! They're all fantastic!

on August 20, 2012  Becky  13,068 said:

I'm totally a scarf girl pretty much all year 'round. I love all of these!!! I have to keep reminding myself of my own formidable collection so I don't run out and pick one of those up! Awesome choices!! :)

on August 20, 2012  mystictiger  3,196 said:

nice, i love the Zara Large Flower Neckerchief one most. cute selection you have there.

on August 20, 2012  jlgoneboatin  2,303 said:

I love all of theses!! i really have a thing for scarves!!

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