Yay or Nay? Ashley Greene at Twilight Canadian Premiere

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday December 5, 201190 comments

Ashley Greene is one gorgeous girl, don't get me wrong, but in my opinion, that's exactly what this outfit is...wrong. 

The lovely Ashley was at the Canadian premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn (read our review here!) and she walked the red carpet in a very bizarre red dress. Take a look:

Now... what's happening over here? It's almost like two pieces, a top and a skirt maybe? Why is there a bit of tummy peeking out? Why is there a large asymmetrical draping piece of material too? This outfit leaves me with many questions. 

One question I'm not pondering is why she chose red. It's clear- red is Ms. Greene's colour! Good job on that Ash- stick with it! The neckline is very flattering on Ashley as well- I love the openness of it. While the shoes leave some to be desired, the skirt length and cut looks fabulous on her. 
All in all, a mixed bag, but what do you think, is this a Yay or Nay? 

Leave us a comment with your vote by December 12th. We'll randomly choose one commenter to win a prize! 

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on December 14, 2011  ronnieb  538 said:

I am going to say Nay. She has a great figure and wonderful breasts but the dress just does not work, in my opinion its ugly.

on December 12, 2011  sugar5781  880 said:

Definitely Nay....

on December 12, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

And the winner for this giveaway is....... kitty6!

Congrats! Keep an eye on your inbox for details!

Thanks to all who entered- be sure to check out this week's yay or nay on Hilary Swank!

on December 12, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

Hello Everyone!

This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered.

We will be back shortly with the winner!

on December 11, 2011  jmca  7,647 said:

I say YAY ... who cares if it's a skirt, dress, or whatever! She looks fab and red is her colour!

on December 11, 2011  Unw4nt3d  1,424 said:

Unfortunately, nay. The colour looks absolutely gorgeous on her, there's no doubt there. But the style of the dress is a bit...odd.

on December 11, 2011  cottencandy said:

Nay, the shape is unflattering... reminds me a little of what pregnant people would wear.

on December 10, 2011  ChickChick333  668 said:

What I really like is the colour, as well as the neckline and length of the skirt. But the midsection just looks odd and out of place with the draping pieces of fabric and the cutout. However I think Ashley looks stunning as usual, and I've seen more bizarre outfits than this on the red carpet. Yay from me!

on December 10, 2011  ibstasian  860 said:

nay! it just looks off...

on December 10, 2011  Lillian22  1,096 said:

NAY! Great colour but the cut of that thing...not so nice! Don't understand where the designer was going with THAT

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