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Yay or Nay: Hailee Steinfeld at Chanel Show, Paris Fashion Week

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday January 28, 201399 comments

Hailee Steinfeld is an adorable and talented young actress and I love that she's wearing something chic and age appropriate, but I'm just not into this outfit. There is simply too much going on here for me. 

I have a few issues with this outfit. It's edgy leather with granny-esque cardigan and then a poor boy cap? Why all the mixed messages, Hailee? More than colours or patterns, I think one of the key ways to have a cohesive outfit is by using the right textures and leather, knits and patents all together is way too much for me. I kind of even love that quirky Lego inspired Chanel clutch, but with the argyle cardi? It just clashes. 

Individually, I like all these pieces. But all together, I'm not catching what she's going for. Except for the hat. That has got to go.
(images via tomandlorenzo.com, justjaredjr.com
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on February 28, 2013  AlexJC  50 said:

Hey Everyone! Thanks for entering, this contest is now closed.

The winner is...LadyC! Congrats!

on February 06, 2013  k_ellison  320 said:

It looks cute on her-I'd say Yay!

on February 04, 2013  TeacupAlchemist  488 said:

I think it's cute, so yay.

on February 03, 2013  Dez239  1,108 said:

I like it! I think it's cute.

on February 03, 2013  thepinksimsboard  2,119 said:


on February 02, 2013  krissyB  214 said:

nay! nay! nay! I think she tried to0o hard to keep the outfit age appropraite and ended up dulling her sparkle! She could've let the bag & sexy leather lead the outffit and get rid of the boring cardi and cap. A sexy messy updo, funky good fitted tee & the skirt would have been great!

on February 02, 2013  smiley_gen  9,344 said:

Nay... Looks like she got dressed up in her mother and grand-mothers's closets

on February 02, 2013  angelaj20  72,632 said:

Nay! She looks like a combination of a school girl, old lady, biker chick.

on February 02, 2013  xHumbleebee  359 said:

Her choice of clothing makes her age more older. It doesn't not much at all! Nay

on February 02, 2013  Christine L.  1,399 said:


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