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Yay or Nay: Jessica Biel Wears a Feather Peplum?

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday August 20, 201280 comments

Jessica Biel is proof that while you can take the girl out of the wholesome family tv show, you can never take the wholesome family tv show out of the girl. No matter what Ms. Biel wears, no matter what edgy haircut she has going on, all I can picture when I look at her is Mary from Seventh Heaven. 

Which brings us to this week's Yay or Nay. Before we get into deep discussion about Jessica's outfit this week, I need to say that I actually love the whole she-bang she has going on here, I just don't love it on her. Maybe you'll agree with me; here's Jessica's look at the London premiere of Total Recall: 

Let's start at the top: her hair and makeup. Blunt bangs, long locks and natural ombre? Um, can you say gorge? Her makeup is simple, nothing crazy but sleek and sophisticated. Like, like, like. 

Moving on to the outfit. A feather peplum? I've fallen in love and I don't care who knows it. Lace, sheer, embellished goodness? Give me some of that with some extra on top! And the coral shoes to give a pop of colour? Sheer, genius. 

Now, all together on her? I have to say, it falls a bit flat. I want to see Diane Kruger in this outfit. Or maybe Carrie Mulligan. But Jessica Biel? She's a pretty face but she's got no spunk. You need to be confident and edgy to pull this outfit off. Jessica's just not delivering it for me. 

What do you think of this outfit chicks? Is it way over the top? Was I unfair to Ms. Biel? Is it really just the dress and not her? Leave a comment below by August 26th and you could win a prize! ]

(images via justjared.com
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on September 04, 2012  nicolerae  411 said:

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.
The winner this week is KittyPride. Congrats!

on August 31, 2012  annmarie  4,246 said:

She totally rocks this outfit!!

on August 31, 2012  Chicklit  307 said:

I go Yay, I think she looks great in it.

on August 30, 2012  bdeyell86  2,033 said:

Nay! It looks horrible on her

on August 28, 2012  cracklytoes  323 said:


on August 25, 2012  hideouslyheather  1,024 said:

YaY ...she rocks this look !! I think she looks fabulous ..although .. lets talk about them bangs .. I hate them !

on August 25, 2012  Dez239  1,223 said:

I give it a half a yay! I love the skirt part of it, but I'm not too sure about the feathers.

on August 24, 2012  jonandjules  422 said:

Yay, I guess.

on August 24, 2012  jemardy  1,980 said:

wow a lot going on here.. uh... ill say yay thou... i like the bottom half for sure... top is iffy

on August 23, 2012  Sumera said:

Nay. Looks like a feathered apron (especially from the right photo's angle).

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