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Yay or Nay: People's 10 Best Dressed Celebrities- Comment to Win!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday September 17, 201245 comments

People Magazine just came out with their list of the 10 best dressed ladies in Hollywood, but I have to say, I am a little perplexed. I hate to say it, but I'm not sure if all these starlets are deserving of their spot on the top 10 list. Mixed feelings for Gwyneth aside, I appreciate her sense of style. But, number one? Meh. I'm not buying it.  I'm wasn't sure if I am alone in this feeling, so I thought it would make an excellent topic of discussion for this week's Yay or Nay. 

 #10- Jennifer Lawrence 

Does she merit the spot? So, I'm kind of in serious girl crush love with Jennifer Lawrence (I like to call her JLaw). She's so beautiful and chooses figure flattering and daring outfits. Right now she's new to the game and still needs to prove her fashion chops, so the number 10 spot suits her perfectly. 

 #9- Diane Kruger 
Does she merit the spot? Diane is no stranger to the Yay or Nay hot seat (see here and here). She doesn't hit it out of the park every time. Overall, I think she has an exotic and envelope pushing sense of style. I'd actually like to see her higher up on the list. 
#8- Jessica Alba 

Does she merit the spot? I think Jessica Alba is the product of expensive clothes and a good stylist. She always looks put together, yes, but I don't see any creativity. I think maybe she and Diane or even JLaw could trade spots. 

#7- Rihanna 

Does she merit the spot? When Rihanna does good, the lady does good. She's constantly changing up her style and I respect her for that. Does she always look flawless? No. But hey, she experiments and has fun with fashion. 

#6- Reese Witherspoon 

Does she merit the spot? Reese is no doubt, a very stylish mommy to be. But #6 on this list? Sorry Reese, I just don't think so. 

#5- Miranda Kerr 

Does she merit the spot? When I first saw her name on the list, I didn't get it at all. Sure she's beautiful, but #5? So I did a bit of research, looked at some photos and now I get it, she's got something going on, this one! Whether she's walking on the street or at an event, she always nails it. 

#4- The Kardashian Sisters 

Does she (they) merit the spot? First of all, these sisters should not count as one spot. I call foul, People magazine! Secondly, I am reluctant to admit that these ladies have excellent style or taste. They clearly have pro help in this arena but I will try to not hold that against them. I could see them getting #8 or #7, but #4? Nah, sorry Kardashians, it's a pass from me. 

#3- Emma Stone

Does she merit the spot? After JLaw, my second girl crush is Emma Stone. She's so cute and adorable. I wish she and I could be BFFs. She's really risen as a style star in the past few years and always looks classic and sophisticated. She's a bit edgy but not over the top. Well done, Ms. Stone! 

#2- Kate Middleton 

Does she merit the spot? Kate has this ridiculous knack for always wearing the most appropriate outfit for any occasion and always looking good in it. Remember her dragon boat racing outfit? How is it even possible for any one to pull that off with such ease? I do think that #2 is a bit overrated, she needs a few years to prove her worthiness. 

#1- Gwyneth Paltrow 

Does she merit the spot? I mentioned above that I was not convinced that she deserved this spot and I will say it again because it just needs re-enforcement: no, she does not merit this spot. She takes few risks and has a team behind her telling her what looks best. If she isn't on a red carpet, her street style lacks serious lustre. I get that she has that effortless chicness, but it doesn't warrant this top spot!

What do you think of the best dressed list? Were there any surprises? Was anyone left out? Do you disagree/agree with any of the spots? Leave a comment below by September 23rd and you could win a prize! 
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on October 03, 2012  Karen58  623 said:

I love Dutchess Kate's style plus she's beautiful with a incredible smile! She looks great in anything!

on September 29, 2012  Quinn  962 said:

I think everybody on the list looks great, especially Diane Kruger. She makes anything look beautiful. I finally get the term "she's wearing the dress, it's not wearing her". And although I love Rihanna, best dressed. Really?? She makes really out there choices that don't really flatter her.

on September 28, 2012  Julia8795  462 said:

Kate Middleton always looks great! She should be #1

on September 28, 2012  Becky  13,068 said:

I agree with basically everything you said. I don't think Gwen P deserves #1... she dresses nice, but like you said, she has a lot of help and she doesn't really take much risks. She dresses more cookie cutter than having her own style. Ditto for the Kardashian sisters. I like Kate M, Emma S and Miranda K. I also like Rihanna so glad to see she made the list :)

on September 25, 2012  nicolerae  411 said:

This contest is closed.
The winner selected is Tiffmorris. Congrats!

on September 23, 2012  Anne-Marie Adam  918 said:

I love Kate Middleton's style! She should be #1. She's an inspiration everytime I go shopping!

on September 23, 2012  Kagoory  1,784 said:

I really don't agree with the #1 spot, but the others are about the same I think

on September 23, 2012  Christine L.  1,399 said:

I was surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow got the number one spot. I think that Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lawerence, and Kate Middleton deserve to be on the top. I love Miranda Kerr's style she's always looks so cute and chic

on September 23, 2012  jentam  454 said:

I love Kate Middleton. I'm glad she's on the list. But I don't know about Gwyneth Paltrow.

on September 21, 2012  suigeneris  2,244 said:

Yay for Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton, and I agree - Diane Kruger should definitely be higher up on the list! I don't know how People Magazine made this list, and I'm not too sold on the ranking either. But Alex - you said that quite a number of them should have been ranked lower. In that case, who would hold the top spots in your opinion?

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