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Yay or Nay: The Jil Sander Brown Paper Bag Clutch

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday August 1, 201230 comments

Are you willing to pay up to US$290.00 for a brown paper bag? If so, then I have the perfect product for you! $290 is exactly how much the new Jil Sander brown paper bag clutch will run you. The clutch looks exactly like, well, a brown paper bag only it's made from coated paper and it's imprinted with Jil Sander's logo at the bottom. Have I piqued your interest? 

(images via mikellestreet.blogspot.caapairandaspare.comurbantaster.com
So let's state the obvious here: this is a crazy bananas idea. There is no way any normal and sane person would shell out that much for a paper bag, right? While I can appreciate the avant garde, the uber trendy and the quirky, this is just plain silly. 

I need to know that I am not alone in my thoughts here chicks. Leave a comment and let me know- would you ever carry a bag like this? How much would you pay for it? Would you consider a DIY version? What do you think of Jil Sander's new fashion forward clutch, is it a yay or a nay?  

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on September 17, 2012  smiley_gen  9,584 said:

Nay for a purse but Yay! for a deluxe fancy pricey lunch bag!

on August 26, 2012  mystictiger  3,196 said:

lol, nay .... just because there is a designer name on it? no thanks. wouldn't use it if i would get it for free. sorry.

on August 14, 2012  farouknabela  3,424 said:

These look ridiculous! Lol

on August 08, 2012  MissLissa  3,780 said:

this has to be a joke.
Ugly and completely useless. I would recommend saving your money for designer classics like a nice prada leather handbag or a chanel clutch.

on August 07, 2012  acpelletier  868 said:

NAY!!! Im all for different but EWWWWW!!!

on August 05, 2012  Cassie_  2,311 said:

Nay.... Thats horrid....

on August 04, 2012  bioscisweetie  12,730 said:

Nay! I thought it was an actual lunch bag. It's cute but not for me.

on August 04, 2012  shoegal2  480 said:

No way! Knowing my luck someone would mistake it for their lunch and end up taking it...lol

on August 04, 2012  Karida  1,003 said:


on August 04, 2012  kimiko  1,156 said:

Definite nay. This seems like a huge rip off to me...

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