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  Member Since:  May 25, 2021
I am a proud single mom of adult twin boys. I enjoy nature especially cats and birds. I collect vintage purses and salt and pepper shakers. I enjoy spending time on the internet. Trying new things is fun and I learn about things I didn't know before and myself by doing it.

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2021-08-03 10:24:13

May 25, 2021 

Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I’m the mother of two adult children as well! My children are both special needs and will not be leaving home so no empty nest for me.😉 It’s definitely weird having them grown up and it happened so fast! I’m sure you feel the same way. It sounds like you were crazy busy when your children were babies. Wow, kudos to you supermom!!!💝🤩 I breast-fed both of my children and I can’t imagine feeding two at once.

I really appreciate your kind compliments! I know we all try our very best to do well on these sites. I read some of your reviews before replying to your message and you have great reviews as well. So far, you are doing a great job! Based on your profile it sounds like we have a lot in common.🤗 I would love to add you as a friend on this site. Since you are new, you may not have many “friends” so far so I give you permission to invite some of my “friends” to your site. There are about 10 that I know well enough to say they will definitely accept your offer. The rest are from a Facebook post on a freebie site which means they are looking for “friends” as well. Do you want to follow each other on other platforms too? I’m jodik12 on Influenster, jodikaplan5 on Instagram and JodiKaplan15. Please send a reply if you would like me to follow you on other platforms as well. All of the sampling sites give you more opportunities when you have more followers so it’s good to connect with others. Thank you so much for reaching out to me!☺️ I hope you have a blast on this site.💜
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