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  Member Since:  July 7, 2007
When I'm stressing out over school or work, I go on chickadvisor! :)

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2020-07-07 03:22:34

December 08, 2010 

Hi Allychick_ling! Just wanted to give you a shout and let you know that you're a featured chick today! I haven't seen you around the site since I started working with ChickAdvisor, but it's very nice to e-meet you anyway. I see your reviews around the site a lot :)

I hope you're doing well!

2020-07-07 03:22:34

September 23, 2009 

Hey lady! I AGREE with your review on the restaurant we went to...check out my review on it!

Can't wait til the wedding!!!

2020-07-07 03:22:34

April 29, 2009 

I love that pic! I never got to say this to you yet.. but CONGRATULATIONS to you and Mike on getting engaged! It's about time! ;-) I'm soo happy for you! I'll talk to you later. Good luck with all of the wedding planning stuff... sounds pretty hectic :S
 Cute Picture

2020-07-07 03:22:34
Ali de Bold

December 09, 2008 

Yay, so exciting you are back!! We have lots of exciting things happening for '09 and I hope you can make it out to some of them :) Thanks for the info and compliment ;)

2020-07-07 03:22:34
Ali de Bold

December 08, 2008 

Hey Allychick_ling! How have you been? Hope you are well :) I'm just wondering where you got your Bos & Co boots? Are they available in Toronto? Another member was asking.

Thanks so much!

2020-07-07 03:22:34

Thanks for reviewing the Sigg water bottles! I've never heard of them, so I checked out their site and I couldn't believe how cute their bottles are!!! :D I'll have to looking around and see if I can find them in Ottawa!!
 Great Advice

2020-07-07 03:22:34

I didn't know that you're not from Toronto! Where are you originally from?

2020-07-07 03:22:34

Hi allychick_ling,
I was just reading your review of Maggie's Eatery, and how you found a bandaid in your sandwich, which is absolutely disgusting!!!
I'm a student at Ryerson, and I wrote an article last year for the Journalism school paper on the lack of decent food at Ryerson, specficially at Maggie's. That picture you posted to go with the review is actually me, haha.
Anyways, I'm working on the paper again this year, and two weeks ago we wrote a story about how someone found maggots in their sandwich at one of the other cafeterias! I think it would be an interesting follow up to write about what happened to you, if you'd be willing to talk about it.
If you're interested, please let me know in my Guestbook ASAP, because we need to have all our stories done by Monday at the latest!
Thanks so much

2020-07-07 03:22:34

Haaaappppyyy Birthday tooo youuuu!! I know the icons says "Thank you" but I just wanted to give you a cake! Enjoy!~
 Thank You

2020-07-07 03:22:34
Ali de Bold


You get the Belkin Neopreen Sleeve for your laptop. Enjoy!
 Great Taste