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on April 03, 2017  BesoYT  3,557 said:

That was probably me! (talking about subscriptions). My favourite box has always been Boxycharm.I haven't gotten TopBox in the past, but funny enough, I signed up last month so April will be my first! I decided I finally had to give it a try since the cost was so low. :)

on April 03, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

The Cutting is first, then The Chill Of Night and then three others :) Really glad you mentioned that and also happy to have another series to read. I have been patiently waiting for James Pattersons 16th book to arrive from his Womans Murder Club series, its sooooo good! Preordered Paula Hawkins new book Into The Water that will be released in May. Really hope its as good as The Girl On The Train. I was also reading a blog that interviewed Peter Swanson and he recommended A Flash Of Green by John D MacDonald so I'm going to give that a read at some point too. Sounds really good.

on April 03, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Oh my gosh! In A Dark, Dark Wood was REALLY good! I had about 60 pages lastnight and couldn't wait to finish so stayed up until 11 haha. Great ending too, yay! MUCH better than The Woman In Cabin 10!

on April 02, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Yay! Hopefully you won't end up waiting very long. So great you're in line for them.

So glad you mentioned that about The Cutting. I had no idea there was two books before The Chill Of Night. Will look into them both. I guess this one will be on hold for a little while :)
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on April 02, 2017  BesoYT  3,557 said:

Amanda, thank you so much for the kind words about my contributions for the site. I haven't been reading many reviews this past week and I'm doing my final exams, which end tonight, but I look forward to checking out some of the reviews you have done :D
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on April 01, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

I find it so frustrating when books end on a weak note. I really found The Woman In Cabin 10 with that type of feel. I was super impressed with the ending of Her Every Fear, very well done. I am almost half way into In A Dark, Dark Wood and am really enjoying it. Super uneasy, creepy feeling to it and honestly I have NO clue what's really going on. I picked up another book today that I will likely start next week. Its called The Chill Of Night by James Hayman. I'm glad you enjoyed the book but totally get where you're coming from, wanting more or a different outcome. Although I was satisfied with the ending there could have been so many outcomes.

on April 01, 2017  Ali de Bold  15 said:

Hi Amanda112! Thank you SO much for your sweet comments! I'm so happy you are enjoying all that ChickAdvisor has to offer. I really appreciate your feedback. Have a fabulous weekend and please don't hesitate to reach out any time.


on April 01, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Yay! Congrats on Premium, so excited for you! I think mine arrived within three weeks or so. As for the size it comes in a fairly flat box that isn't very wide. I am really looking forward to all of the extra perks that are coming. Can't wait to see what the codes for April will be.

on March 31, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

I didn't dare message you back yesterday because you were right on track with the direction the book was going and I didn't want to give anything away, ha ha ha!!! Crazy book hey!? Next you should read Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson. It is so damn good!! I think you would really enjoy it.

on March 30, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Can't wait for you to find out who the killer is! What are your current thoughts on who it might be??? When I read that book I was so hooked too and had such a hard time putting it down. I haven't started my new book yet, we have been trying to clear off our PVR before Telus comes tomorrow and replaces ours. Haven't had much time to read.

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