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  Member Since:  September 17, 2018
I’m a stay at home, homeschooling, mom to two awesome little boys. Their ages are 7 and 10. They are full of life and very active. They love to play outdoors as well as simply stay indoors to play Video games and toys as well. I chose to homeschool them for a couple reasons. Firstly because the school system where I reside, in the Mountains of NC, were not up to date on helping Dyslexic Children and Both of my boys struggle in this area. Also we opted for homeschooling so we could spend more time together as a family and teach our kids along the way. I have a full 9-5, and then some, taking care of my boys and teaching them at home. We enjoy science projects the most. The boys love to see cause and effect of various scientific experiments. We also have 4 furry Canine Friends as well as 2 Beta Fish in our household. The boys and I get great joy from our animals. The dogs are all Chihuahua Babies and range from Black, Brown, Tan, and White. Their names are Emma, Lilly, Ice Bear (from We Bear Bears), and Chase (from Paw Patrol.) The Beta Fish are Aqua, Mr. Pennywiggles, and Red, George. As you can tell my Boys have quite an imagination and are true to their favorite shows as well! We love reviewing any and all products and take great pleasure in helping out pave the way for future inventions based on our true and honest opinions. We are happy to be here and can’t wait to give you our review of your products!

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