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  Member Since:  June 16, 2014


on December 05, 2017  producttestinglover  693 said:

Hey girl,
Just letting you know I am back on here!
I took a break for a while but I’m now fully back and in action! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy holidays! :)
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on May 23, 2017  producttestinglover  693 said:

Hello updating you so you know I have not left completely and I am back again!!
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on May 05, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

I love your hair ! I hope you have a great weekend !

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

Where was your photo taken? The background is amazing!

on March 13, 2017  jmca  9,114 said:

Friend request sent

on August 26, 2016  prettyrainbow  20,557 said:

Lots to look forward to this autumn as well... leaves changing color and apple picking! I think September/October would have to be my favorite months of the year...maybe with the addition of February/March - Sugar shack season. Yum!

on August 25, 2016  pl8dtrpl6  20,079 said:

So glad you enjoy the Vichy products! Good luck on the upcoming canpaigns, fingers crossed for both of us!
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on August 22, 2016  wonderwhatif  86,110 said:

You're such a sun bunny! I like it when it's like 13 degrees with a light breeze haha. Actually rain is my favourite. Or standing by the water with a big puffy coat and the wind blowing hard. It works out great for vacations as I always go out of season, so it's cheaper :D

on August 22, 2016  blubie  86,673 said:

my kids laugh at me ...then they see the things i get to try for free!!! august was slow ...fingers crossed for the Nivea!! i love that brand ...its one i trust !!! as well as Dove oh i love Dove!!!!have a wonde4rful week

on August 16, 2016  pl8dtrpl6  20,079 said:

Summer is going well, hope yours is too! The Vichy campaign was great! Only a few more weeks left of summer break, then I can get back into the swing of things! Have a wonderful afternoon

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