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I'm a mom of 3 kids and 2 dogs; I’m also a grandma to a boy and girl! Try before you buy! It saves a ton of wasted money on less than stellar products. I'm liking this site more and more each time I visit. I enjoy spending time outside and learning new things. Thanks for checking out my page :)

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Premier Protein Caramel Shake Recommended? You Betcha!

AVEENO Oat Mask with Moringa Seed Extract My overall rating
AVEENO Oat Mask with Moringa Seed Extract Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!

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2021-10-20 15:58:46

May 03, 2017 

Hi there I just took a moment to send you a friends request. I enjoyed reading your reviews :) Have a nice day

 Great Advice

2021-10-20 15:58:46

March 13, 2017 

Friend request sent

2021-10-20 15:58:46
Venus Loves Virgo

September 27, 2016 


I tried to approve your friend request but the link did not do anything. Do I need to click on something specific ? I haven't been on here for awhile, sorry!

2021-10-20 15:58:46

August 22, 2016 

I missed out on the Vichy campaign , which was a bummer :(
But glad other chicks on this site were able to enjoy!

Currently I am using the Vichy face cleanser and makeup remover and am so happy by the results.
 Good Writer

2021-10-20 15:58:46

August 09, 2016 

Hope you are having an AMAZING summer!!

I can't believe it is mid-August :)

Make these last days count :)

I noticed you got the Vichy campaign :) congrats!!
What is better than Vichy products??? FREE Vichy products ;)
Hope you liked and enjoyed!!

2021-10-20 15:58:46

March 10, 2016 

This coming weekend
I am dreading it
I love waking up to natural light
not pitch black :(

2021-10-20 15:58:46

March 09, 2016 

Sent a friend request!

2021-10-20 15:58:46

March 04, 2016 

spring is comingggg
wait when i day lights saviung?

2021-10-20 15:58:46

March 01, 2016 


2021-10-20 15:58:46

February 01, 2016 

I know February was great for incentives and sampling :)
I am still waiting on the Garnier ;)

and yum yum chocolate from Brookside was amazingggg treat!!!

I hope the same for February and yes melt the snow :)
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