Selfridges Gets High-Tech with (Non-Creepy) Fitting Room Cameras

Monday December 26, 2011 by Alexandra C.

If you're anything like me, when you shop, you spend about an hour debating whether or not any particular item is worth your hard earned money. You try it on, look in the mirror, do the spin (booty check!) and then ask any available stranger for advice. I also have a tendency to take photos of whatever I'm eyeing and text/tweet/facebook them to any and all friends. 

Now, my extreme indecision is being rewarded by UK department store Selfridges. Selfridges has installed cameras in their fitting rooms, but not for leering, don't worry. These cameras allow customers to take photos of themselves in their potential outfits, and here's the best part- from every angle! That means no more craning of the neck for the obligatory booty check! Another great part of the built-in camera system is the social aspect. Customers can share the photos they take with friends for easy and instant feedback!  

Selfridges then and now

I'm all for this idea personally, I love that I can get more objective pictures (unflattering as they may be) of outfits to help me  decide what works on my body. I can't stand when I put something on, and from what I can see in the small little mirror it looks fabulous, only to realise when in front of a full length at home that I was completely tricked. 

With all the boxing day shopping that I am sure all you chicks are doing, I think this technology is sure to come in handy! 

So, are you for/against, in love with/can't stand this idea? Would like to see this technology in your local stores? 

Special thanks to for sharing this great story with us!

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on Jan 06, 2012  ellstar  3,833 said:

I think it would make lineups for dressing rooms even longer than they are now, people would just be taking photos forever :/

on Jan 05, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

awesome idea.

on Dec 30, 2011  Suelyn  2,249 said:

It sounds great.

on Dec 30, 2011  TammyK  1,081 said:

I'm on the fence about this. It's a cool idea but I don't know how secured the cameras are. Plus, it's kind of invasive and now the stores have got your pictures on record...

on Dec 30, 2011  LyrissaSmillie  8,815 said:

Love this idea!! I hate going out of the room to look at a mirror everyone must share, thats the worst! Especially after having a baby..

on Dec 28, 2011  fairyinred  902 said:

It sounds great, but I don't think that I'd trust it. It would be too easy for some pervert to switch the camera out or wire it to their own viewing room.

on Dec 27, 2011  Becky  12,848 said:

wow this sounds awesome!!! man, hope this idea makes it to toronto markets soon!

i think teenagers will love it even more! try on dept store expensive clothes (have you SEEN the price tags at Selfridges!?) take pics of themselves and upload onto fb ..why buy it when everyone on fb can see you wearing it for free? ;-) lol

btw did you girls know that Selfridges have an entire floor as a SHOE MUSEUM!!! Shoes of all styles and all ages in glass encasement's, details of who wore them, when and why... sigh.. probably the only thing I miss in London :-(

on Dec 27, 2011  so_adorkable_  1,996 said:

i think the idea is neat but i'd still be unsure of using it too, you an never be too careful!

on Dec 27, 2011  shellsbells85  3,580 said:

This is an interesting concept for sure...not too sure how much i would trust it just yet tho. I'd like it to look at myself, but I dont know how much my friends personally would care how I look in a shirt or whatever LOL.

on Dec 26, 2011  takoda  26,893 said:

This sounds like a great Idea. I can tell you how many times I've left a
store with nothing because I just can't tell how it looks on me and I
hate to return things. I can see why some maybe a little against it at
first with all the peeper's out there, but if they can prove to me that
my bare but isn't going to end up all over the net, then I'd say go for
it! Put them in every store across Canada and beyond.

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