How points work on ChickAdvisor and a note about #hashtags

Monday March 2, 2015 by Ali

Chicks, we have some exciting news for you!  First, there are less than 3 weeks left until Spring and winter is dead to you.  Congratulations on getting through it!

Points = gift cards
The second great piece of news is that each month, points are going to give you a shot at earning an e-gift card!  Every month we will tally up who has earned the most points within that month...

New Product Review Club Offer: Trojan H2O Water-Based Liquid Lubricants

Monday February 23, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team

SponsoredHollywood teaches us that making love is just a matter of finding a loving partner and a mood-inspiring location. It's the rare romantic comedy which offers a glimpse of the less steamy logistics of sex (think Something About Mary), and while the movie gives us a good laugh, it's not so funny when you're standing at the drugstore browsing intimacy products and feeling more than a...

Fun & Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas You Both Can Enjoy

Thursday February 12, 2015 by Catherine

This Saturday, the majority of couples around the world will all be sitting down for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at the fanciest of restaurants. Yawn.

Don’t get me wrong, I love an amazing meal surrounded by eager Instagrammers, but it can be a little too conventional and boy, can it be pricey. Steer away from the typical bouquet of flowers and heart shaped chocolates, and let's talk...

11 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Tuesday February 10, 2015 by Claire

Trying to conceive (or "TTC" as parents-to-be call it) is not just a matter of making love every other day and happily finding a plus sign on the pee stick at the end of the month. According to one study, about 20% of moms-in-waiting are still unsuccessful after six months of trying. Speaking from personal experience, this can be very demoralizing.

So what can you do to increase your chances of...

New Product Review Club Offer: Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Cire Divine

Monday January 26, 2015 by Catherine


I have a secret for you all, and I’m not ashamed to admit it: I have let my hair grow out.

No, I’m not talking about the hair on my head, but rather the au naturel leg warmers that are the by-product of this decision. I've got a shipwrecked jungle Jane look going on here, because shaving every day is just too much time and effort for the quick regrowth time. And ladies, I know I’m...

ChickAdvisor Editors' Choice Awards 2014: Our HQ Favourites

Thursday January 8, 2015 by Catherine

We loved all of the items that made the ChickAdvisor Reviewers' Choice Awards this year, but we also can't stop raving about some other noteworthy products!

From mascara to nail care, these are the staples that will always be in our beauty survival kits. Here are our Editors' Choice picks from staff members at ChickAdvisor HQ!

So there you have it! Which of our fave products made your must-have...

New Product Review Club Opportunity: First Response Digital Ovulation Test

Monday January 5, 2015 by Claire


Starting a family can be a nerve-wracking experience. Are you ever truly ready for this huge step? As teens and young adults, we spend much of our time trying to avoid pregnancy. Going from deathly afraid to desperately wanting a baby is an interesting journey.

My first child was unplanned. We were happily married but we were also students: broke, busy, and absolutely not ready to settle...

New Product Review Club Offer: Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Original

Monday January 5, 2015 by Ali

Nothing says sexy hair like dirty hair. It’s true! Hair that’s been washed a day or two ago is ideal for updos or creating a tousled beachy look - my favourite. 

But with dirty hair comes oily scalp and a less-than-fresh odour that is less "come hither" and more "admire from afar". For that reason I’ve always been a huge dry shampoo fan, especially of the Batiste™ brand....

ChickAdvisor Reviewers' Choice Awards 2014: Top Rated Products in Beauty, Home, Lifestyle, and More!

Thursday December 18, 2014 by ChickAdvisor Team

So many amazing new products hit shelves this year, and beauty aficionadas were only too eager to test them all.

However, not every newbie was able to bump classic favourites off our reviewers' must-have list, and so without further ado we present the ChickAdvisor Reviewers' Choice Awards for 2014: the top products in Beauty, Food, Wellness, and Mom & Baby as rated by our members!

First up, the...

#ICareAfrica Update: How Much We Raised to Help Fight Ebola

Monday December 15, 2014 by Ali

Chicks, you did it!

We asked you to join in the fight against Ebola, specifically to help the children who, in addition to losing their parents are also victims of social stigma as villagers fear for their own health.  These children are left to fend for themselves while we shop for Christmas gifts.  I know that is not what anyone wants to hear but it is reality.

We promised to match you...

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