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Account Help

Why do I need to register in order to add a review?
We want to maintain the integrity of the reviews and avoid spamming.
I registered but never received my confirmation e-mail. Why?
Check your spam folder, it may have gone in there. Also add to your safe list so it isn't treated as spam.
What is the policy on member profiles?
Member profiles are for regular "Chicks" or "Dudes" only. This is not the place to advertise your business. It is for adding reviews, making friends and interacting in a non-spammy way with our members. Can you tell we hate spam yet?

We do allow you to add a link to your blog/website but do not use your profile as an area to advertise your business, publish your logo or as a tool to contact other members for the purposes of solicitation as that is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to delete profiles that violate this policy.
How do I find a friend on ChickAdvisor?
Ask them to email you their profile link (looks like which they can find by logging in, clicking on My Profile and the location appears in the navigation bar. Then click on their link to view their profile. A button should appear to the right of their picture that says Add as Friend. Click on it, an acceptance email is sent to them, and they can approve your friend request right in their profile.

Otherwise, email them your profile link and ask them to add you. You'll see the pending accept request when you click on My Friends in your dashboard. You can approve them from there.
How do I create my own Lists?
Under your profile, you can create as many Lists as you'd like. Click on the My Lists tab and you'll be asked to give it a title and add your comments. Create as many as you'd like.

When you see something you like on ChickAdvisor, click on the Add to my favorites! link and you will be given a choice of which List you'd like to add it to.
Can I add an image to my review after I've submitted it?
You can't add one yourself, so it's best to remember to submit your image(s) when you add your review. If you want to add an image to one of your existing reviews, e-mail us and we will add them for you.
How can I remove a forum comment I posted?
E-mail us and we will remove it for you.
How do I change my profile name?
E-mail us with your current profile name and your new name request and we will change it for you.
How do I delete my account?
E-mail us and we will delete it for you.
How do I find out about ChickAdvisor events?
Sign up for our newsletter here, which will keep you informed of upcoming events.

Submitting Reviews

What should I put as the name of my review?
It's important that you put the most accurate information possible so that other users can easily search for it and add their own reviews. Please enter the brand name followed by the product name in your review, or if it is a location, the full name of the store. For example:

"Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara"
"B Espresso Bar"
My review has been edited. Why?
We reserve the right to edit material our readers may find offensive. In the event that this may happen, a star at the bottom of the review will indicated it has been edited from its original version.
My city isn't on the list.
E-mail us and we'll happily add it for you. When we have enough reviews for your city, we'll launch it.
How many reviews do you need in order to launch that city?
We need a minimum of 10 reviews per category (Beauty, Shopping, Health, Fitness) to launch a new city.
How do I add something to the hotlist? (s)
You can not add something to the hotlist directly. However, you can click on the icon called "Add a Review" on the dashboard on the right hand side of the home page and category pages. Your review will appear on the home page under most recently added. As that item becomes more popular with other Chicks reviewing it, it will start appearing on the hotlist.

Product Review Club

How do I qualify to become a member of the Product Review Club?
See Join/Eligibility here.
I signed up for the Product Review Club. Why haven't I received my products yet?
Signing up for the club does not guarantee you freebies. Every time we have a new offer available, we will send you a survey to determine your eligibility for that offer.
Your survey asks for my ChickAdvisor member link. Where can I find it?
Your member link is the URL associated with your account page. Sign into your ChickAdvisor account, then click "My Profile" in your Dashboard. This is your account page. Copy the URL that appears in your browser's navigation bar and paste it into the survey where prompted.

How do I find out if I qualify to receive an offer from the Product Review Club?
You will receive an e-mail from us letting you know. If you don't hear from us within three weeks of the Product Review Club announcement, you have not been selected.
How many times can I enter Product Review Club offers?
There is no limit to how many times you can enter.
How many times can I be selected to receive Product Review Club offers?
There is no limit to how many times you can be selected to receive offers.
Why do I receive notices about offers that are for Canada only or US only?
Our newsletters go out to all Product Review Club members regardless of where you live. Don't worry - they will not all be limited to certain areas.
I've been trying for a long time to be selected for offers but am never chosen. Why?
We have a limited number of freebies to give out each time. You can help your chances by continuing to add detailed reviews on other products. You must have at least 5 descriptive reviews to be considered eligible.
Many of my reviews were negative. Does this hurt my chances of being chosen?
We are interested in your honest, unbiased opinion. As long as you explain your rating, a negative review will not hurt your chances of selection.
How are my Product Reviews used?
The reviews that you write are for the benefit of the ChickAdvisor Community - keep them coming! Occasionally, the product reviews on ChickAdvisor are incorporated into marketing campaigns. By sharing your review, you agree that your review may be used (in part or in whole) within print, television, radio or digital campaigns.

Questions for Business/Advertisers

Can I review my own business or products?
No. Businesses are not permitted to review their own products or services because it negatively impacts the unbiased nature of the other reviews on ChickAdvisor, and trust us, our members can tell when you do this. If your listing is suspected of containing planted or spam reviews, the review(s) in question will be deleted.
How can I involve my business in the Product Review Club?
Our Product Review Club is a great way to get our members talking about and testing your products. Get all the information here.
Advertising Opportunities
There are a number of great ways we can work together. Opportunities include: local events, videos, Product Review Club, prizes and contests as well as traditional banner advertising, Channel sponsorship and more. Click here to send us an email.

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