Valentine's Day 2013 Gift Guide: For Him

Wednesday January 30, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Will you be shopping for a gift for a special man this Valentine's Day? It's cool, you don't have to tell me. Just wink. I can keep your secret. 

If you are going to be buying a man a Valentine's gift this year, you're probably going to need some ideas. Men are hard to shop for, it's a fact. Plus, there's the added pressure of whether or not the gift is appropriate for the three month, six month, or one year marks in the relationship. Even if you're buying a present for a brother, father, uncle etc., finding the right item to show you care can be difficult. 

So, what's a gal to do? We at ChickAdvisor are going to attempt to guide you through the tricky terrain of buying a Valentine's gift for him with 20 gifts for any type of guy on your list!

1. Etsy Natural Linen 'Love' Cushion (US$38.00, set of 2)

2. Gap Kisses Boxers (C$18.00)

3. Six-word Memoirs On Love And Heartbreak: By Writers Famous and Obscure, By Larry Smith (C$12.00)

4. Nesquik Chocolate Fountain (US$30.00)

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" 8GB Android 4.0 Tablet (C$199.99)

2. Pantone iPhone 5 Case (US$35.00) 

3. GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphone (US$29.95)

4. Anthropologie Driftwood iDock 5 (US$98.00) 

1. North Star Varsity Bomber (C$395.00) 

2. Fossil Nate Stainless Steel Watch (US$145.00)
3. Philip Sparks Brogue Boot (C$175.00) 

4. Roots Jr Raiders Bag Tribe (C$198.00)

1. Rub Me Massage Bar (C$8.00)

2. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Libre Set (C$78.00)

3. Anthony Logistics For Men A Clean Start Kit (C$40.00)

4. High Mountain Dessert Spreads Maple Bacon Chocolate Sauce (US$9.99)

1. Sexy Truth Or Dare: Pick A Stick (US$15.95)

2. Etsy Cufflinks for Men (US$19.95)

3. Urbanears Zinken Tomato Headphones (US$99.90)

4. Umbra Taggit Photo Display (UK$27.50)

What will you be buying for the man (or men) in your life this Valentine's Day?

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on Apr 05, 2013  lovelydays  3,649 said:

Love that Fossil watch!

on Feb 13, 2013  smiley_gen  3,650 said:

@fredamans, I don't think that comment was necessary but I think you said it best, you have a senior husband, I think that says it all... P.S. those head phones are bright red not pink.

Great ideals for all budgets! I'd love to see my sweetheart wear boots like that! Maybe with time ;)
I'm lucky this year, mine only wants me to bake him apple danishes! That's easy enough!!! :)

on Feb 06, 2013  Racenhawk  2,514 said:

I never know what to get guys

on Feb 06, 2013  Tipper said:

Hmmm, some of that stuff looks a little girly for my BF

I got him these...

on Feb 05, 2013  LyrissaSmillie  8,695 said:

pffft for him?! I wnat most of that myself...specially the chocolate fountain!

on Feb 04, 2013  FranB  178 said:

Hmm the maple bacon chocolate sauce is an eyebrow raiser...

on Jan 31, 2013  takoda  26,599 said:

The only things on here that my guy would want is the chocolate, but we never by for each other on Vday so I don't have to worry about it.

on Jan 30, 2013  flower  4,264 said:

chocolate & shower gels

on Jan 30, 2013  laced  711 said:

Chocolate fountain!! Yummmyy I want one for me haha

on Jan 30, 2013  Tynk  1,309 said:

Ouuu some neat ideas!

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