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10 Creative DIY Household Tips and Tricks

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday April 27, 201221 comments

I collect DIY tips and tricks like they're nail polishes. If you've ever seen my nail polish collection, you know I mean serious business here. If there is a way to make life even just a little bit easier, I'm all over it. Whether it's an ingenious new way to use a straw or a new use for an every day forgotten object, these clever tips and tricks can help improve your life tremendously. So, here are 10 easy tricks for the household that will have you saying, 'why didn't I think of that?'. They're all so simple but so, so smart!

1. Glue Gun + Hangers 
Where would we be without Pinterest, am I right? I found this one courtesy of said miracle; keep clothes from sliding off of your hangers with a trusty glue gun. Glue gun in a zigzag pattern on the arms of the hanger to prevent slipping and sliding.
(via pinterest.com

2. Silica Gel Packets
You know those silica gel packets that come in new shoes or bags that you immediately toss away? Well, toss no longer! Those packets have a few uses that you've probably never heard of. Among other things, silica helps to soak up moisture so they can be used to fight camera condensation, dry out a cellphone or they can tossed into a bag while travelling with your technology for extra protection. 
(via popularmechanics.com
3. Baking Soda 
According to this article, there are 75 (that's right, 75) uses for baking soda. And you thought it was only for baking. Did you know that baking soda can be used to in a bath to soothe skin irritations or applied on rashes and bug bites? Or that a teaspoon in water can be used to relieve heartburn and keep flowers fresher, longer? I seriously suggest you take a gander at this piece.  

4. Salt 
Oh salt, who knew you had so many uses besides offering my popcorn and eggs a little somethin' somethin'? Among other things, salt can be used to keep windows frost free. Rub the inside of a window with a sponge dipped in salt water. Went coaster-less and now regretting it? Get rid of water stains on a wood surface by combining salt and oil into a paste. Rub the paste with a sponge, let sit for about 10 minutes and wipe off with cloth and polish as usual. 
(via wildammo.com

5. Strawberries and Straws 
When I first saw this trick, I didn't quite believe it so I tried it out and low and behold, I shall never see strawberries the same way again! Simply slide the straw through the mid point of the the bottom of the strawberry. Push the straw through to the other end and you've got yourself the perfect strawberry, ready to be devoured. 
(via theluxuryspot.com)

6. Waffle Iron Cookies 
Waffles are amazing. Cookies are incredible. What do you get when you combine the two? Amazincredible? Give your oven a rest and use that seldomly used waffle iron a purpose with waffle iron cookies. Cute, tasty and perfect with a glass of milk. 
(via thekitchn.com

7. Walnut on Wood 
Scratched and scuffed up wooden furniture? Rub a walnut on the damaged area to get rid of marks. 
(via apartmenttherapy.com

8. DIY Travel Size Products 
Going away and don't want to bring the entire bottle of a product with you? Create your own travel packs with straws and a lighter. Squeeze the product into the straw, cut off and burn ends for a handy, on the go option. 
(via briangreen.net

9. Shower Cap Shoes
Keep dirt away from your clothes and still pack smartly by storing shoes in a shower cap for travel. 
(via fabfindsunder50.com

10. Problem Zipper on Denim 
You know that irritating thing where your fly's zipper on your jeans keeps falling down? And you keep pulling it up and then about 1 minute later it's down again? Finally, there is a solution. First, attach a key chain ring to the hole at the end of your zipper. Zip up like normally, then pull your ring over top the button of your fly. Button your jeans like normal and your fly stays up all day! 
(via pinterest.com

What are some of your favourite household DIY tips and tricks?
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on July 04, 2012  bdeyell86  2,033 said:

Love the ideas!

on May 23, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I use that trick for strawberries all the time! It works wonders, and everyone compliments it.

on May 09, 2012  chinook92  3,515 said:

Wow, I`ve never heard of most of these tips. The salt tips were amazing to me, but most helpful is the walnut tips with wood. We recently moved and one of my tables have a scuff mark on it and I can`t get it out with furniture polish. I`m heading to the store to pick up a few walnuts this afternoon. Thank you so much for all these useful tips.

on May 01, 2012  Vlicious  3,810 said:

The walnut on the wood was new to me! Fantastic! @adft - great tips on the baking soda! I'll definitely use the shampoo and tooth paste idea! :)

on April 30, 2012  cutie_marlena  3,176 said:

I wish I had a waffle iron for waffle cookies!

on April 30, 2012  staceb  1,174 said:

the waffle cookies look so good. Might try that!

on April 30, 2012  fredamans  11,711 said:

Great ideas! I am going to try the glue and hangar one for sure!

on April 30, 2012  takanikki  2,265 said:

I really like the idea for the travel straws!! And I definitely want to try out those iron waffle cookies. I have one tip from my childhood. If you have a zipper that gets stuck, run a candle (or wax) along it to get it to zip smoothly.

on April 30, 2012  Henrys  815 said:

Great tips!

on April 29, 2012  sodarnsweet  2,206 said:

Great tips! Keep them coming.

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