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10 Simple Tips and Tricks for Awesome Food

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday August 30, 201227 comments

We all know that food is awesome. But what can make food even more awesome? Little tips and tricks that take a delicious meal to over the top deliciousness. I found 10 simple food combos, recipes and additions that you can make to bring a dish up to the next level of drool worthy. Are you ready? 

#1: Make homemade mac n' cheese with gnocchi

Cheese, chewy pasta and all baked together. Think about it.
Recipe via thecuttingedgeofordinary.blogspot.ca 

#2: Amp up your s'more 

Substitute milk chocolate with white or even peppermint. Add peanut butter or a peanut butter cup. The possibilities are endless!
Recipe via carolsnotebook.com

#3: Add peanut butter to ramen noodles 

Sounds crazy, right? But apparently this trick takes an inexpensive pack of noodles and makes it taste like a million bucks. 
Full recipe at reddit.com

#4: Roll ups for easy apps

I like to have a back up of easy, ready to go roll ups around. Add different cheeses and pop in the oven to get appetizers in a few minutes. 
Recipe via stockpilingmoms.com

#5: Banana Dog 

Banana and peanut butter gets a face lift with a hot dog bun and some jam, also a yummy treat for any little ones!
Recipe via thevillagecook.com

#6: Explore New Territories with Berries and Chocolate

Chocolate covered strawberries are great but I think that these options might be better. Plus, what could be easier than popping a chocolate chip into a raspberry?
Recipe via spearmintkitchen.com

#7: Sour Patch Grapes

Roll grapes in Jell-O powder for a tangy and healthy alternative to a Sour Patch Kid. 
Recipe via puresugar.net

#8 Easy Peasy Belgian Waffles 

Spread some crunchy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff onto a waffle, flip it into a sandwich and you have an excellent snacking or dessert option.
Recipe via kraftpeanutbutter.com 

#9 Combine Salty with Fruity

It might sound a bit bizarre but salt and fruit is one of my favourite flavour combinations. Next time you slice up a watermelon, sprinkle some salt on it! Or, try some honeydew or cantaloupe melon with prosciutto. 
More recipes via blog.khymos.org

#10 Bake Brie


Bust this out at your next dinner party to impress all your guests! Bake a wheel of brie, serve with honey or jams and bread or crackers. 
Recipe via instructables.com

Do you have a go-to simple and easy to prep recipe or a secret flavour combo that you love?

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on September 20, 2012  cutie_marlena  3,176 said:

OMG these all sound amazing! I'm pregnant and this just made me soooo hungry! Lol wait til my fiance hears what I'm craving now. He's going to think it's cuz of the pregnancy, but really it's ChickAdvisor's fault!!

on September 20, 2012  StefanieRichardson  398 said:

Omg. Number 6 looks to die for! I am definitely doing chocolate and cheese fondue this weekend.

on September 13, 2012  Icyblackkat  545 said:

Great ideas! I can't wait to try the banana dogs, my niece and nephew are going to love them.

on September 07, 2012  Racenhawk  2,659 said:

great ideas!

on September 06, 2012  LisaDrew  2,063 said:

Such yummy ideas!

on September 06, 2012  assia  1,563 said:


on September 04, 2012  NatalieM  1,230 said:

great ideas! and super easy, i;m definitely going to try the raspberries and chocolate chips!

on September 04, 2012  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

these all look delicious!!!

on September 04, 2012  smiley_gen  9,740 said:

The banana hot dog made me giggle so hard but how brilliant!!! I'm not sure about the fruity and salty, I mean, I have done the apple and salt thing but I think that will be as far as I go with my salt and fruits!
Great article! I'll be sure to share!!!

on September 03, 2012  amyknows  2,352 said:

Oh dear, you have a way for making me drool... hahaa & sooo hungry. the s'mores are such a neat idea!! also want to try the mac and cheese with gnocchi!!

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