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10 Wearable Hairstyle Trends: Spring 2013

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday March 6, 201315 comments

Remember the other day when I challenged you chicks to shake up your beauty routine with one of the new beauty trends from the spring 2013 runway? 

Well, I'm about to up the ante. This time, we're talking hair. 

For the most part, I tend to only cut or dye my hair when my life has incurred some drastic change. Suddenly I think that it would be an amazing idea if I got bangs or blonde highlights. On a daily basis, my hair usually falls into the same sock bun or down and curly do. However, going with our 'spring cleaning' theme, I think it's time to take the plunge and maybe make the cut, so to speak? 

If you're in the same hairstyle rut that I'm in, we have a gallery of 10 hairspirational images from celebs and spring 2013 runways for you to try out this season: 

(1) Metallic Hair Accents: The colour and texture of metallics against hair looks modern and chic. Try clips or a statement headband for this look. 

(2) Messy + Side Swept Low Chignon: Don't be afraid to get a bit messy with this style. It's about having that 'vacation, wind swept' look, not about being perfect and polished. 

(1) Pearl Adorned Bun: This is the perfect combination of casual and sophisticated. The pearl and hair net as done on the runway make for a resort theme; A simple bun with a beaded addition would look fabulous too. 

(2) Casual Braids: Braids have been all the rage for while now, but this season don't worry about trying out the fishtail, the figure eight or any of those other complicated styles. Tone it down with a basic braid and be sure to add texture and volume. 

(1) Head Scarves: Head scarves are such an easy way to jazz up a hairstyle. They make a statement, yet everyone has them and they only take minutes to put on!

(2) Pastel Highlights: Dip dying, ombre and highlights don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. If permanent colour isn't your bag, try this DIY option

(1) Casual, Boho + Mid Part: This look is loose, piecey and fresh. The mid part is definitely having a resurgence. 

(2) Deep Side Part: Sometimes changing up your look is as easy as giving yourself a new part. A deep side part can look edgy and chic.

Natural: The minimalist look is huge for beauty this season and equally as big in hair as well. Embrace your natural locks whether it be curly, wavy or straight. Hairstyles are subtle and underdone, never over the top. 

The 'It' Cut (a.k.a.) 'The Lob': The 'lob', which stands for long + bob has been everywhere recently. I love that it can be layered differently and done with blended bangs or a mid part to make it universally flattering. 

Which of these hairstyle trends will you try out?
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on April 04, 2013  makeupbymerry said:

I like all hair styles especially that boho with a middle part because its very casual and can carry with regular costumes.

on March 24, 2013  Dee said:

I like hairstyles that don't really look "styled," love these looks for spring <3


on March 21, 2013  Julia said:

I love the "Lob" hairstyles. I will have to try out those. The way the hair shapes their face is very beautiful. There are a lot of interesting styles for 2013. I hope that my hair will look as good as these girls do. It's going to be a very experimental year for me!

on March 13, 2013  Racenhawk  2,659 said:

don't really like any of the trends

on March 13, 2013  TashaCat  6,762 said:

Love the Lob. Love the deep side part. Okay I've loved the lob in various renditions for about a decade... so am I in style or just boring?

on March 07, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

I guess I won't have to do much to my hair to fit in this year.

on March 07, 2013  kimmykup  969 said:

My everyday look has become a side part as always, straight but not overly 'done', and a lob - yay for managing to be in trend without paying attention to the celebs & runways !
Though I do wish I could get the fishtail braid down already !

on March 06, 2013  smiley_gen  9,740 said:

I wish I could learn how to make a fish tail! I need to put my Pinterest to work!
I went for the "lob" look a little while back...the hair dresser gave me the shortest bob I had ever seen! I wanted to cry!!! Actually I did...and I found a new one who made it all better!

on March 06, 2013  twitchyq  522 said:

I really like the Lob!

on March 06, 2013  fredamans  11,702 said:

I wear the last natural look everyday. Rarely a braid.

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