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5 Ways To Dress Up a Ponytail + How to Make a DIY Sock Bun

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Thursday July 19, 201220 comments

Let's have a reality check ladies; with the balmy weather in full effect, keeping your hair down is pretty much certifiably insane. At the same time, the same 'ol messy bun or your basic ponytail done everyday can get so boring and seriously get you in a bit of a hair style rut. 

To spice things up, we rounded up five versatile hair accessories that you can use to dress up your ponytail. Plus, if you haven't come across the amazingness that is the sock bun, we'll demo how you can create one for yourself. It's a fabulous alternative to the ponytail or a messy bun that takes seconds and creates the perfect (yes, perfect) ballerina bun. 

#1 Barrettes and Bobby Pins 

1. Claire's Metal Feather Barrette (C$7.25) 
2. Urban Outfitters Adorn By Sarah Lewis Jewelry Bobby Pin Set of 3 (US$44.00) 
3. J.Crew Pearl Bobby Pin Two Pack (US$14.50) 

#2 Floral Accents 

1. H&M 2 Pack Flower Hair Clips (C$4.95) 
2. Anthropologie Jeweled Camella Clip (C$18.00) 
3. Fuchsia Organza Flower Hair Clip (US$18.00) 
4. Claire's Mini Rose Hairclip Set of 2 (C$7.25) 

#3 Metallics 

1. H&M Hair Clip (C$5.95)  
2. Goody Doublewear Elastic Pack of 3 (US$4.49) 

#4  Scarves 

1. Aldo Tomasi Scarf (C$15.98, on sale)  
2. Banana Republic Fiona Silk Geo Scarf (C$74.00) 
3. American Apparel Stripe Twist Scarf (C$17.00) 
#5 Cute Headbands 

1. Forever 21 Whimsical Headwrap (C$6.80) 
2. Urban Outfitters Bowtie Headwrap (US$16.00)
3. Zara Plaited Cord Hairband in Sorbet with Diamonds (C$5.99)

The DIY Sock Bun

Now, if all this isn't doing your hair justice, or maybe you're pulling a four day, no wash experiment, you'll want to try a chic chignon. Instead of just bunching up your hair and rolling it up, why not test out a sock bun? They create a perfect ballerina bun and it's crazy easy! 

You'll need: 
An old (clean!) sock 
Bobby pins

1. Cut the toes off of a sock, then begin rolling the sock to get a donut shape (as in the top left picture)
2. Tie your hair into a ponytail then place the end of your ponytail into the donut hole. Start rolling your hair along with the donut, don't worry about it being messy. 
3. The final look! Secure it with any hair products (i.e. hairspray) and bobby pins. 

What are some of your hair tips and tricks? How do you style up a basic pony or bun?
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on April 05, 2019  Amanda112  25,564 said:

What a great article, I love the sock bun and am going to make one this weekend!! I had no idea, I just came across this DIY while searching for 'goody' hair accessories.

on August 20, 2012  mystictiger  3,196 said:

the mini rose hair clips are so cute. that's some i would like to own and use. ;-)

on August 02, 2012  shanaz  5,886 said:

I still have yet to try out that sockbun... I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow! I hope the results are okay with my extensively layered hair!

on July 28, 2012  acpelletier  868 said:

I Love the sock bun thing!!

on July 23, 2012  lawrencesharon  1,325 said:

Sock buns would be the most appropriate hairstyle for this summer.

on July 22, 2012  chicky82  2,625 said:

I'm really looking forward to when my hair is long enough to make a ponytail again.

on July 22, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I do the sock bun all the time! A hint I have learned: try to find a sock that is closer to your hair color, so if a bit peeks through it won't be as obvious.

on July 20, 2012  bubbles77  28,042 said:

Cool ideas, and some fun looks. The sock idea is cool. I have naturally curly hair, and I love to try new up do looks. It's great in the summer just to pull your hair back and it looks stylish. Thanks for the ideas.

on July 20, 2012  Cassie_  2,311 said:

Sock buns are my go-to hair style this summer!

on July 20, 2012  TashaCat  6,762 said:

I am a pony-tail, no-fuss girl all the way... so I love this article. This year the sock bun is everywhere... I think I will just have to try it. Alex's looks great. More natural for me are the fab bobby pins by Urban Outfitters and the Goody metallic collection... will be buying them tomorrow! I love a bubble ponytail, but feel a bit too old for them... maybe on beach holiday?

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