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5 Beauty Products (under $15) to Snap Up this Week!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday March 7, 201311 comments

Every time I go into the drugstore, I say to myself, "okay, you are only buying this one item and that is it, nothing else". Of course, what I'm really saying is, "Alex, you have permission to buy any and everything that catches your eye, whether you need it or not". I'm certain I'm not the only one who enters a drugstore in a complete haze and ends up walking out with a million products wondering what just happened. Ah well, what a girl to do? At least I get a ton of bang for my buck, right? 

So, for your next crazy drugstore shopping spree, I have a few suggestions and they're each under $15.00. This means that even if you leave the store in a post-shopping haze, your wallet won't be too angry with you. 

1. Vaseline Hydratant Spray & Go Moisturizer (C$9.99): I love the idea of this product! It's moisturizer that you spray onto your body. It's lightweight, non greasy and I think this is going to make the perfect addition to my beach bag come summer. 

2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup (C$13.99): I know that this seems like an unnecessary product, but as someone who has some major issues with veins (that's as much as I'll divulge), leg makeup is a great product for the spring and summer months when it's too hot to wear pantyhose but you'd still like some coverage. 

3. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss (C$12.99): Burt's Bees has recently released a new lip gloss! It's formulated with 100% natural ingredients and infused with botanical oils and beeswax to nourish and soften your lips. 

4. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil (C$6.99): This product can be used on your hair, body and face. It instantly absorbs into your skin, leaving it soft but not overly greasy, oily or shiny. 

5. Garnier Pure Control Targeted Anti-Spot Tinted Corrector (C$12.99): I love the idea of this product for when you're on the go, or when you are at work and you feel an 'unwanted friend' creeping up on you. It's a rollerball so it's easy to apply and it's tinted, which means it will cover up the blemish and also treat it by drying it out quicker. 

Which product(s) are you going to pick up next time you're at the drugstore?
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on March 09, 2013  flower  4,433 said:

Berts Bees lip gloss

on March 09, 2013  Tara said:

I really like the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I have the aerosol one. It gives flawless coverage, but the application can be messy. Best bet is to apply it out on a balcony/patio...not that I have one. So, I'll try the makeup/lotion and hope the application is less messy.

on March 08, 2013  kimmykup  969 said:

Love this !
I'll most definitely
need to check out the lipgloss (although I really don't need any more), and vaseline spray, sounds so convenient !

on March 07, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

The Garnier corrector looks great! That'd be so handy to have.

on March 07, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,203 said:

Alright, that was weird, my comment didn't show up fully. What I wanted to say is that the Vaseline Hydratant Spray & Go Moisturizer product seems like a great one to try out. If anone has the Redplum coupons, they have a coupon where you can save $2.00 off this product. The coupon expires on September 30th, so you have plenty of time to get out there and find and/or use this coupon.

on March 07, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,203 said:

Vaseline Hydratant Spray & Go Moisturizer, this seems like a gre

on March 07, 2013  LadyFlash  8,805 said:

Good bargains! Definitely want to try the Garnier anti-spot sometime.

on March 07, 2013  Bren  24,886 said:

These are really great prices!

on March 07, 2013  AlexJC  50 said:

I'm really into this dry oil idea! It feels great on your skin, I find them more moisturizing than a lotion and they really aren't overly greasy.

on March 07, 2013  takoda  28,644 said:

I like the Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Glossand, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil and the Garnier Pure Control Targeted Anti-Spot Tinted Corrector.

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