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Beauty Tips and Tricks: How to Repair Old, Broken or Dried Out Eye Makeup

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday May 9, 201229 comments

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: 

You've just splurged and purchased yourself a fancy new blush, bronzer or powder foundation. The packaging is pristine, the compact is still smooth and it almost looks too good to use. Then again, you really, really, really want to play around with your new beauty toy so you go ahead and dip your brush in. Only, your hand isn't as steady as you thought it was. The compact rocks back and forth and then, to your horror, starts to fall to the ground. You scream, "nooooo!" but it doesn't help. The damage is done. Your new baby is broken into pieces. 

If you're a beauty junkie like me, there is nothing worse than this. 

However, I have excellent news for you: there is help! I came across this video which demonstrated how to repair cracked powders and I was thrilled. 

Here's what you need to get those crumbled bits back to perfection: 

Rubbing Alcohol (apparently vodka will also work for this but I prefer to use my vodka for other purposes
Cotton pad or cheesecloth 
Hard material (i.e. cardboard, or plastic) the size of your powder
Eye dropper
Orange stick 


For a compact with a crack, you don't need to repair the entire powder. Make sure the cracks in the broken portion all line up. Simply use the eye dropper and put a few drops of the rubbing alcohol on the crack and let sink in. Then, gently press together with your fingers. 

If your compact is completely broken, you'll need to use an orange stick to crush the powder completely. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol until a paste forms. Mix and then place the cotton pad on the broken powder. Using a hard material, like a bottle cap or cardboard, press down firmly to reshape and flatten the powder. 

Now, besides broken powders the other worst thing in the world (strictly beauty speaking) is a dried out gel eyeliner. Waking up one morning to find that my coveted Stila liner was gone to a better place was an incredibly upsetting time for me. I threw mine out, but as it turns out, I shouldn't have. I found this trick to help revive dried out liner. 

Here's what you need: 
Eyedrops (not contact solution) 
Brush or orange stick (to mix) 

Add a few drops of the eye drop solution to your dried eyeliner and mix well. This should perk it right back up!  

Do you have any beauty tips and tricks to help solve those pesky little makeup problems? Leave a comment and let us know! 

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on August 13, 2012  Dry Eyes Solution said:

These are totally eye caring tips for me.But i think buy new makeup kit is much better regarding using old one.I Don't take any risk with my face and eyes.

on July 19, 2012  fairyinred  902 said:

these are great tips! I have a dried out gel liner that's been sitting at the back of my makeup drawer that I'll definitely have to try this on.

on June 14, 2012  Cotton Bags said:

thanks. Oftentimes I am getting either info that is too specific - or that is
too general to be applied in my own
context. With your article I was able
to get something out of it, so.... Thanks;-)

on May 30, 2012  bubbles77  28,042 said:

This rocks, you should put it as an eBook and charge for it, people would pay good money for awesome frugal living ideas like this. Great Tips...LOVE THIS !!

on May 24, 2012  Kewald  2,141 said:

Thank you my pot of paint dried out!!!

on May 16, 2012  jasrose  1,527 said:

wow awesome tips\m/

on May 14, 2012  djtrin  445 said:

Thank you for the tips!! Do you think the gel eyeliner tip will work on mascara?

on May 13, 2012  annmarie  4,246 said:

awesome! thanks for the post!!

on May 13, 2012  shanaz  5,826 said:

I need to lock these tips in my brain for future use! This is a definite money-saving tip!
Thanks Alexandra ;)

on May 12, 2012  melanieexd  427 said:

very helpful

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