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Daily Dose of Adorable: Which Dog is Cuter?

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday November 2, 201255 comments

This might be the hardest decision you'll ever have to make in your entire life. Ready? It's time to make a decision: who's cuter, Boo or Jiff? 

If you haven't heard of either of these adorable doggies, you're in for a treat. Boo is a fluffy little puppy who charmed the world enough to gain over 5 million Facebook fans. He has the sweetest little face and I just want to cuddle him. Once you see these pics, you will too. 

Now, there's a new dog in town and I have to say, he's giving Boo a serious run for his money. His name is Jiff and he's so happy looking that I want to wrap him up and carry him around with me everywhere. While he isn't at the 5 mil mark yet, he's gaining some serious FB popularity

So, which one of these pups is cuter? I have decided to forfeit my vote. I can't choose! To help you chicks cast your vote, here are a few 'in action' videos of the respective dogs. 


Sleeping Boo? Precious! 

Wearing a cute bear hoodie! *Squeals*

(images via facebook.com/boo

In a dentist chair. On a watermelon. Could this get any better?

OMG... he is wearing glasses and he has a little stuffed animal! OMG. 

(images via buzzfeed.com

Now, in order to make your decision, you're probably going to need some more evidence, right? This is a very scientific process afterall. Here are videos of the pups in action: 




Which one of these dogs is cuter? Leave us a comment and let us know who has won over your heart!
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Facebook Comments


on February 15, 2017  Stt said:

So cute as a cutie pie
What what

on February 15, 2017  Stt said:

Jiff is the best STOP! picing on him and f***k of and love jiff
Eat that makes on that

on January 29, 2017  Potatopancake said:

Jeff Pom all the way

on December 14, 2016  Piper Anelli said:


on October 02, 2016  ilovejiffmorethaboo said:

why is anyone hating on boo! like he is only a dog and not a human he doesn't understand like seriously! you people need to get a life! y u even gonna hate on jiff even though he isnt the cutest puppy ever! get a life people!

on September 25, 2016  bk said:

Of course Boo wins! His cuteness, his personality.. Just simply irresistible. Huge fan!

on May 19, 2016  Jason said:

Boo is bitch cuter LOL I'm 7 and I Know these words

on April 28, 2015  Spencer Abrams said:

Boo has my vote. BOO IS SO MUCH CUTER THAN JIFF! Jiff needs to GET A LIFE!

on January 22, 2015  Animal Lover said:

I love all dogs. And cats. And any other animal in the world. So, there is no contest of who's better. Everyone wins!

on January 22, 2015  Cutie said:

Jiff is cuter!❤️

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