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Daily Dose of Adorable 'Which Cat is Cuter?' Edition: Lil Bubz vs. Snoopy Babe

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday September 13, 201345 comments

A while back, we set up one of the most serious and life altering questions for you: Is puppy Boo or Jiff cuter? It was tough. Feelings were hurt and wounds needed time to heal. Prepare yourselves for yet another cuteness battle chicks. Today, it's kitten time. 

Two of my favourite cats on Instagram are Lil' Bubz and Snoopy Babe. OMG chicks, these cats are so very cute, you'll want to pick them up and snuggle with them and squeeze them and tickle them and love them to bits. 

But which one is cuter? We want to hear what you have to say. Check out the evidence and leave your vote with your fave kitty! 

Lil' Bubz 



(images via buzzfeed.com, instagram.com

Snoopy Babe


He has a bread hat on. I die. 

Is it possible for a cat to give you the best, cutest puppy eyes you've ever seen?

(images via instagram.com, dicemagazine.com, facebook.com, tumblr.com)

So chicks, it's time to weigh in: which one is cuter? 
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on March 26, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Ah I totally needed this pickup me-up this morning, kinda work up feeling 'blah'.
These adorable felines brought and instant smile to my face!

My vote goes to Snoopy Babe's - those eyes are captivating, you can almost feel his mood through his expressions.. and the bread... thats priceless lol

on October 16, 2015  jessipickle  5,464 said:

I needed this! Thanks!

on October 06, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

I'm going to have to say Lil Bubz is cuter, they both are cute though. Very unique looking cats.

on July 16, 2015  cgreen  13,458 said:

lil bubz is adorable

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,970 said:

Lil bubz wins it for me, with the giant eyes and tiny tongue

on June 02, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

Both are cute, hard to decide. love cats and their antics.

on June 02, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

How can you decide. hey are both adorable in their own way. Cuties

on December 30, 2013  nscott84  4,013 said:

such a hard choice! I think Snoopy is my pick. :)

on September 29, 2013  Mah_kal  5,634 said:

Snoopy babes is soooo adorable

on September 24, 2013  brittiedonna  182 said:

Lil Bubz has taken the win for me. Look at that face....

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