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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted by Christina | Tuesday February 4, 201414 comments

Sometimes stores just don’t know your Valentine like you do. DIY gifts are the perfect alternative. They’re homemade, from the heart and customized for your sweetie. 

If you’re on a budget like me and want to bring out your inner Martha Stewart this Valentine’s Day, then get out your glue gun, sparkles, and get ready to make some adorable DIY presents. 

Here’s our roundup of some lovely DIY gifts for you to try, just because we love you Chicks! 

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

#1. Candle Card: Brighten up your Valentine’s Day Card by adding some colorful birthday candles on the front. All you need is birthday candles, a blank note card and a felt tip marker. (Via realsimple.com)

#2. Printable Arrow Card: This card is adorable for your child to bring to school this Valentine’s Day, and you can add anything you want at the end! Maybe some Hershey’s kisses? Check out the tutorial here. 

#3. Confetti Filled Hearts: Don’t worry this confetti isn’t the messy kind, put some extra color into your card and add a sweet message on the front, or send a secret love note. (Via craft.tutsplus.com) 

#4. DOH you want to be mine?: Get creative and double up your card as a gift by adding small jars of Play Doh. Simply print out the PDF onto card stock. Find it here. 

DIY Wrapping 

 #1. Heart Cut Out: This is an easy wrapping idea to make your gift that much more special. So get those wrapping skills and scissors ready! (Via thehousethatlarsbuilt.com)

#2. Heart Covered Cookie Wrapper: Transform plain wax paper into cute wrapping for baked goods. Show off your baking skills, and make sure to save some treats for yourself. (Via marthastewart.com)

#3. Candy Box:  Fill this box of sweets up just enough, so your Valentine can find your secret message inside. Such a yummy way of showing your love. (Via 52weeksproject.com)

DIY Gifts for Children

#1. Dynamic Duo: Gather up some double-sided tape, individually wrapped treats,
card stock and a marker to create this sweet present for the peanut butter to your jelly. (Via spoonful.com)

#2. Love Bugs: Send your child to school with these too cute for words love bugs. This would also be a cute arts and crafts activity for home. (Via eastcoastmommyblog.com)

#3. Valentine Award: Turn cupcake wrappers into this adorable ribbon to give to all your amazing friends. Decorate these babies anyway you want, by adding stickers and some glitter. Check out the tutorial here.

#4. Mini Notebooks: Follow this tutorial to give your future writers a little present. All you need is some craft paper, index cards, heart punch, bone folder, stapler (or sewing machine) and mini clothespins. (Via everythingetsy.com)

DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend

#1. Heart-Shaped Soap: This is an adorable way to show your love. All you need is some store bought glycerin soap and this recipe. Click here to see how it's made.

#2. Love Word Necklace: Matching necklaces for you and your bestie? You’re welcome Chicks. Instead of spending some extra dollars make some matching accessories. You can also shorten the waxed string to make a bracelet. (Via ornamentea.com)

#3. Vintage Candy Jar: Send your bestie some of her favorite sweets in a mason jar that’s decorated with ribbon and add a doily for a vintage feel. (Via blog.chicktags.com)

#4. Sparkle Heart Dish: Air-dry clay and some rhinestones is all you need for this new jewelry dish. Its super adorable and easy to make, also it's another excuse to bedazzle. Who doesn’t love another excuse to bedazzle? (Via freefuninaustin.com)

DIY Gifts for Your Hubby

#1. Valentine Light bulb: This project is one that’s a lot easier than it looks. Impress your hubby by using an old light bulb to send a cute message that he could put on his desk at work to show off how amazing his lady is! Check out the tutorial here. 

#2.Mini Message In A Bottle: Show some old school love and send your man a mini message in a bottle. This is such an adorable idea, and the tutorial is even cuter with hand drawn instructions.  

#3. Heart Frame: Find any frame you think is perfect for you and use a glue gun to attach hearts or even an inside joke to complete the frame. Add a secret love note in the middle to show some extra loving. (Via bloominghomestead.ca) 
#4. 52 Reasons: I can name 52 reasons why I’m so in love with this idea. It’s a super adorable way of showing your eye candy why he’s so special to you. Also, you just need a pack of cards, glue, ribbon and some pictures. Easy as pie and soooo sweet. Can someone please make me one? (Via littlegrayfox.blogspot.com)

#5. Love on Canvas: Hot glue gun wooden letters onto a canvas to send your hubby a message. This is perfect for hanging on your wall so you can be reminded about how cute your Valentine’s Day present was. (Via women.ag.org)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day DIY gift? Will you be a DIY lover or store bought admirer this year? 
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on May 04, 2015  11kalf  15,970 said:

Last year I made the bf a scrapbook of things related to us. Like there was a page for our hangouts, a page for our fav foods.. it was cute and he liked it :)

on May 01, 2015  mepark  20,504 said:

These are awesome ideas!

on September 03, 2014  Zillah82  2,182 said:

Can't wait for valentines day to roll around again, so I can create these myself!

on February 06, 2014  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

Cute ideas

on February 05, 2014  imfeehily  8,865 said:

Love the ideas

on February 04, 2014  Charmheart16  3,985 said:

Great gift ideas, I specially love the heart-shaped soap and the vintage candy jars.

on February 04, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I absolutely love those word canvas'! Sounds so easy to do.

on February 04, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

I bought chocolate

on February 04, 2014  fredamans  12,237 said:

Lots of fun ideas!

on February 04, 2014  LadyFlash  8,899 said:

I'll just buy myself some chocolate lol. #foreveralone

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