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Father's Day: Why Are Dads So Hard To Shop For?

| Tuesday June 14, 20113 comments

So your Dad is awesome and you really want to get him something meaningful that he likes this Father’s Day but why is it so hard?! Mother’s Day is a breeze: spa day, beauty products, brunch, jewelry, flowers or sweets—Moms typically aren’t hard to buy for. Dads, on the other hand, usually get reduced to awkward golf paraphernalia and Dean Koontz books. And here’s another twist: What to do when you’re engaged or married? (Issue applicable to Mother’s Day as well.) Now you could have two Dads and chances are you’ll be spearheading ideas for them both. Not to mention helping your kids find something for their dad, too.

The other hitch is that Dads tend to never need or want anything from their kids: “What do you want for Father’s Day?” is almost always followed with “Oh I don’t need a gift—don’t get me anything.” In this case, definitely do not take his advice! Here are some ideas to help you find something just right:

Have a think about his overall approach to lifestyle. Got a classic Dad? Philip Stein watches, twice named one of Oprah’s Favourite Things (we miss her already), are an innovative take on this ever-traditional gift. Philip Stein uses proprietary Natural Frequency Technology: Based on key frequencies beneficial to life and health, this technology is embedded on a metal disk in every Philip Stein watch—think energy bracelet meets timepiece. However, if your Dad is as classic as they come, opt for simplicity, like a Timex Vintage Originals. Simple and affordable, you can’t go wrong.

If you’ve got a modern Dad, think about gifts for wellness. Dr. Aubrey Green’s Chi-Mat is unique as it utilizes a new approach to addressing sports and fitness injuries with the concept of acupressure. Designed to relax and refresh the body as well as ease pain, the Chi Mat promotes blood circulation and enhances energy. You might also want to think about picking up a gift certificate for a massage for your Pops. These types of gifts go over pretty well considering Dads don’t always take care of themselves as diligently as they should.

Another amazing gift idea is to do something experiential. We’re fairly certain most Dads would be thrilled with the honour of spending an afternoon with you so why not take him on a bike ride, a beer tasting or to the museum? Nothing beats quality time spent with your folks and your Dad would surely like to celebrate this Father’s Day by getting to hang out with you.

Whatever your Dad’s style and however many presents you have to buy this Father’s Day, be sure to put in as much effort and love as you do in May for your Mom. And don’t forget the card—all parents appreciate a meaningful note about how much you love and respect them. Here’s to all the fantastic fathers out there!

Need some more ideas? Check out our Father's Day gift guide for some fun ideas. Is your dad hard to shop for?

by Lia Parsley
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on June 14, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

These are some great ideas!
My dad is the exact same when it comes to Father's Day Gifts...we ended up just making him an extremely extravagant meal everytime something eventful comes up (like on his birthday!)

on June 14, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

I can relate to this article so well because I never know what to get my dad and my dad never wants anything. I say it's always good to stick with electronics because I find the typical guy, no matter how old, will enjoy something from Best Buy. Another thing I can count on is to have my brother, mom, and me treat him to a nice dinner.

on June 14, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I never know what to get for my Dad! For my Father in law it's all about the Argentinian wine but for my Dad it's a bit harder. If we lived in the same city I'd definitely take him out for brunch. Spending time together is really special if you can do it.

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