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Halloween Costume Idea: Woodland Fairy Flower Crown DIY

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday October 19, 2011 1 comment

Instead of the guts, gore and blood Halloween is known for, this year, why not try a little something sweeter? We love the idea of a pretty and cute woodland fairy costume- charming, romantic and whimsical! And what's more adorable than a DIY'd crown of flowers to wear?

This crown cost about $4.00 to make, it is fairly simple and the great part is that once you get the hang of it, you can customize it anyway you like! To add to your fairy nymph look, check out our post on do-it-yourself braids, personally, I think a messy fishtail braid with a ribbon woven through would look amazing! If braids aren't your thing, let your hair go wavy and natural. 

What you'll need: 
- Tape
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Fake Flowers (apx. three bunches) 

Tip! For the fake flowers, I used some long grass I found but you could substitute this with another group of flowers, ferns or maybe groups of small flowers- whatever you are feeling! 

First you'll need to separate one branch of flowers and a few blades of grass. 

Take off three blades of grass together and attached them with a bit of tape. Separate a branch of flowers and attach this to the blades of grass. 

Tip! We didn't have a glue gun handy but this would work equally as well with a glue gun instead of tape.

I chose to make a few of the flower-grass strands first then I attached them together, overlapping at intervals. Tape the end of one strand to the mid-section of another to make one long chain. Feel free to tape individual flower branches or grass at different parts of the crown for added fullness. Tie ribbon bows along the crown to tie down the grass leaves, cover pieces of tape or just for effect.

Tip! Be sure to measure out your head and crown so that you create the perfect fit- not too big, not too small!

Once you have one long chain, perfect for your head size, attach the ends of chain together with tape. Cover the tape with a pretty ribbon. 

We went with a spring theme but being fall, a harvest fairy would be just as lovely! Try using leaves, wheat and straw in colours like red, orange and yellow. 

How sweet and romantic is a crown of flowers? Stay tuned for more costume tips! 

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1 Comment

on October 19, 2011  Bren  24,282 said:

this is a cute idea it would really cool with some dried flowers/herbs and fall leaves!

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