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Holiday Party Cocktail: Eggnog Martini Recipe

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday November 24, 201117 comments

Eat, drink and be merry! Wise words for the holiday season! Join in the cheer with a delicious cocktail for the holidays- this one makes a perfect party drink. Guests will be impressed with the fab garnish and equally fab taste! However, if all the party planning has got you all worked up, nothing takes the holiday stress edge off like an indulgent cocktail and a little 'me- time'! 

What you'll need

1 oz. (equal to one shot) Irish Cream Liqeur (Courtesy of our friends at Carolans, We're using Carolans Irish Cream
1 oz. Irish Whiskey (alternative: brandy) 
5 oz. Eggnog
Nutmeg (to sprinkle) 
Coconut (alternative: shaved white chocolate) for garnish 
Cocktail shaker
Martini glass

Before you start

Wet the rim of the martini glass, dip upside down into a plate of coconut shavings, roll on sides if necessary. 

Using a grater, shave off white chocolate in small pieces into a bowl. On a plate, melt additional white chocolate and dip rim of martini glass upside down into white chocolate. Taking the martini glass, dip the wet rim (or roll from side to side) in the chocolate shavings. 


Fill cocktail shaker, halfway with ice. Pour a shot of Irish cream into the shaker. 

Add shot of whiskey or brandy to the shaker. 

Next, add 5 oz. of eggnog. Shake to chill and strain into martini glass and add dash on nutmeg on top.

And you're finished! This recipe makes about 2-3 cocktails depending on size of glass so be sure to spread the love this holiday season! 

Are you planning a holiday party this year?

Recipe adapted courtesy of Carolans Irish Cream 
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on November 30, 2011  PDladybug  2,838 said:

Egg Nog Martini would be a great dessert drink for the holidays.

on November 30, 2011  breezesandblessings  264 said:

mmmmm...This looks delicious!! I will def. need to try.

on November 29, 2011  ellstar  4,829 said:

Oh Christmas season, when the alcohol gets spectacular.

on November 28, 2011  Loyalt  3,366 said:

Makes me wanna use my bar set I got recently! I wonder what I can mix with Cointreau.

on November 25, 2011  kath_ryn  1,130 said:

I'm super excited to try making these! The other night my best friend and I made EggNog Snickerdoodles! They really got me in the EggNog mood!

on November 24, 2011  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

Any kind of martini is good for me. Can't wait to try this.

on November 24, 2011  Aliza  13,970 said:

This would be great to serve at my holiday party. I don't like eggnog personally but I know a lot of people do. Great idea!

on November 24, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

I don't care for eggnog either, but my hubby does and we both love Carolans. I'll have to make him one of these when he get back in town.

on November 24, 2011  PDladybug  2,838 said:

Cool idea with the coconut rim - could also be used for pina coladas.

on November 24, 2011  Suelyn  2,249 said:

I don't like eggnog.

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