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Holiday Party Ideas: Planning a Cookie Exchange

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Thursday December 15, 201118 comments

ChickAdvisor would like to cordially invite you to the funnest, cutest and most festive cookie exchange tea party that you've ever been to!

What's a cookie exchange? If you don't already know, then prepare to get your socks knocked off. A cookie exchange gets together all of your best baker (or even non-baker) buddies. Each guest brings with them a batch of homemade cookies and the recipe for them. Cookies are gathered and guests commence the exchange! The very best part though is the goodie bag full of treats you get to take home.

Pulling out all the stops for our own cookie exchange, we planned and put together what we think would be a delicious night to remember. We've also made it easy for you to plan your very own exchange with a few pointers and ideas!


(images via flickr.com, littleflamingo.com.au,jacolynmurphy.blogspot.com)

Get your glue guns out chicks! A cookie exchange is all about fun, so shouldn't your invites be too? Wrap a rolling pin in a quirky invite or attach a baking object like a spatula with a light hearted note. Another fab idea is to create edible invites with cookies or tea bags!


(images via pinterest.com, marthastewart.com, pinterest.com, pinterest.com)

We've said it before and we'll say it again- mason jars are the perfect decor! Use them for candle holders or as centerpieces. Snowflakes can create a winter wonderland feeling and can be used as decorations on the table, walls or hanging. Fabric banners are becoming a popular trend and they can be changed up in colour and pattern for any theme.

Lastly, always remember that presentation is everything! Arrange your yummy cookies with different sized trays, plates or bowls and be sure to include place settings and labels for all the different types of cookies!


So, you've sent out invites, set the table but something is missing.... right, cookies!!! Need some baker's ispiration? No worries, we've got you covered.

(clockwise from far left) Candy Cane Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Honey Drop Jam Jams, Chocolate Glazed Coconut Oat Balls, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Cream Puffs


All that snacking on cookies made you a little thirsty? Me too! How about a refreshing beverage?

(clockwise from far left) Apple Cider, Eggnog Martini, Peppermint Mocha Latte, Mint Chocolate Martini, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gingerbread Latte

Gift Bags

(images via marthastewart.com, livingcurto.com)

After the festivities are over, it's time for your guests to select the cookies they love best and pack them up to bring home with them- this is my personal favourite part! You can also use some DIY crafting skills here too, with cute or special packaging for cookies. Wrap cookies on a plate in cellophane or in small baggies - be sure to use ribbon, stickers or labels. Tins are a great option for more durability, plus guests can regift or reuse them later on. A CD case (bottom right) is another alternative for a cookie pack and we think it's a real nifty idea!
ChickAdvisor's Cookie Exchange Party

We didn't want to go overboard on the Holiday theme for our cookie exchange tea party, so instead we took elements of winter and Christmas and went for a natural and rustic look.
All of our decorations were found either around ChickAdvisor HQ, were household items or were purchased at the dollar store. One of the key elements to creating our table was to have decorations or centrepieces with a purpose. For instance, jars that not only added colour and height but also carried our spoons or straws. We made sure to add little labels with each type of cookie. We took a photo of the cookies with our Fujifilm Instax Mini 5OS Instant Camera.

Have you ever gone to a cookie exchange? Would you ever host one?
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on November 25, 2013  nicolthepickle  1,321 said:

I hosted one last year, and am hoping to do so again this year. They're fun, and a nice way to see everyone. I really like your idea of tea bag invitations. It's cute.

on December 19, 2011  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

I go to one annually. It's more of a chance for chicks to get together and laugh more than anything else. The recipes are good and who doesn't love eating cookies?!

on December 19, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

So .... when are we having our cookie exchange party? ;-)

on December 19, 2011  MissyLee  1,610 said:

Amazing idea! My mom used to do this with her girlfriends, and I always looked forward to her coming back that night!! Might have to try this myself in fact.

on December 18, 2011  Aliza  13,970 said:

I've never gone to or done a cookie exchange. It's such a cute idea. I gave cookies out in cute little gift bags to all my co-workers this year. They really loved it!

on December 17, 2011  amyknows  2,352 said:

I've never been or hosted one. ..but now I totally want to attempt it! I absolutely love the idea! :) xx

on December 16, 2011  GeraldineL  901 said:

I've never heard of this but I think it's a wonderful idea! A lot of my friends and I are new moms and this is something different we could try! I think this would be a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

on December 16, 2011  Riya  915 said:

I've never heard of a cookie exchange, and clearly, I've been missing out. I definitely want to give this a try!

on December 16, 2011  Suelyn  2,249 said:

I haven't.

on December 15, 2011  petitechouxx  2,859 said:

i've never done before, but it looks fun! i want to try!

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