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Wedding Ideas: The Rustic and Vintage Wedding

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday September 28, 20111317 comments

According to TheWeddingReport.com, 'Rustic Weddings' are the new trending wedding theme! It seems that brides-to-be are in love with the charm, vintage feel and simple elegance of barn yard venues and wildflower bouquets that embody this theme. Think natural elements mixed with a western vibe and bring that all together with fun DIY crafting sessions. And in true country style- bring in the entire fam to help you out!

It might sound like a lot of work but we've made it easy for you with these eight suggestions you can try for your own rustic-themed wedding!

1. Décor

Mason Jars evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. They are quaint and charming but dressed up the right way become chic and stylish. Call it… ‘down home country glamour’! Not only are mason jars dirt cheap and available everywhere but they are versatile. Try them as centrepieces, candle holders or even photo frames.

2. Dress and Accessories

Try scouring Etsy- the online shop for all things cute and homemade, for unique accessories. These two headpieces (left) were found on Etsy- how sweet are they? A floral crown is a throwback to the 60’s and a great alternative to the typical ‘princess-type crown’. The flower piece for your hair is bang on trend, and you can ‘countrify’ it further with local wildflowers. Brides craving that ‘one of a kind’ look should try shopping for a vintage wedding dress. A vintage dress will not only add to the rustic and nostalgic theme but will allow the bride to stand out! 

3. Signage

Cute signs around the wedding venue add intimacy to a large event and of course, can be super helpful for directionally challenged folk.  For a rustic wedding, chalkboard signs are inexpensive and fun. Guests can take pictures with the chalkboard signs as well, sending well wishes and love to the couple! A sign post from Etsy, in or around the venue has small town charm but will also point the wayward guests to the bathroom! A DIY sign, hand painted and constructed can be more challenging but done on the cheap. 
(other images via www.mysweetandsaucy.com and rusticweddingchic.com

4. Table Settings

Use textured natural accents like wood or try using edible objects for inexpensive but adorable place settings- colourful fruits and farm fresh vegetables add a pop of colour to a neutral palette. As for your table cloths, why not purchase muslin or burlap fabrics? Burlaps and muslin can always be used as accent pieces- tied around your centre piece or with your place setting. Paper lunch bags not only hold little gifts for guests but make a great place to print your programs or even printed as place settings. 

5. Flowers

Go against the grain for your wedding; try using wildflowers instead of roses or orchids. Use the flowers that are in season as well, to keep costs low. Add in rustic elements to floral arrangements with straw, bamboo or hand picked flowers. Use gourds or pumpkins as part of centerpiece arrangements on tables for a harvest time wedding.
(images via mysweetandsaucy.com, pinterest.com

6. Venue

Cara Davis, author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot and of cheapwaysto.com suggests dressing up the barn with sweeping curtains and hanging lights. Venues on fields or farms are the perfect location for a rustic wedding. 
(images via rusticweddingchic.com

7. Invitations

Invitations are the perfect opportunity for any DIY goddess to get her crafting on. In addition to having your invitation prices kept low, they will set the mood for your rustic wedding and get your guests excited!  

8. Food

A rustic, homey setting calls for comfort food. Include fresh vegetables and fruit in your meal and think out of the box with dessert- wedding pie anyone?  As favours, this bride gave away mini pies on a stick- how cute is that?! If you want to stick with tradition, try dressing up your rustic cake with natural elements like wood, flowers or straw. 

We asked bride-to-be Michelle what she thought of the rustic wedding trend and here is what she had to say: 

"These Rustic-themed wedding ideas are fantastic! As I begin to plan my big day I’m not going for a Rustic-DIY theme, but I am and will remain very budget-conscious. I am looking to save money wherever I can to ensure the breadth of our budget is focused on what’s really important to us; the Ceremony setting, Reception Dinner, and of course the Honeymoon! I love the idea of mason jars for tealight lighting and centerpieces and I will consider Etsy for one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts for my wedding party. Chalkboard signs for outside venue and reception tables would be a cute rustic addition too as well as wrapping fabric and ribbon around the mason jars to dress them up and last but not least DIY Invitations!" 

What DIY projects did you do or would you do for your wedding day?

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on March 25, 2018  suzannem1  8,045 said:

So beautiful I love vintage weddings.

on December 11, 2012  invitesweddings said:

it is a really great post

on December 02, 2012  Fashiomatic said:

I think very few of us actually know what exactly fashion is.....its a manner of doing anything, it could be the way of doing anything from decorating plants in the bottle to the arrangements in the wedding ceremony.
I found your stuff in the fashion category of stumbleupon that's why considering everything a way of life and fashion.

Well done.

on August 01, 2012  abree17  108 said:

I love the wedding invitations! where can I get the Burlap blue ones??

on June 18, 2012  Barn Wedding said:

I loved it all, thanks for sharing this to us and looking forward always for more updates. Great wedding to have with this stuff. Thanks for sharing !

on June 12, 2012  kate said:

I like Vintage Weddings :) Very beautiful dress style

on June 12, 2012  Doina said:

I like Vintage Weddings :) Very beautiful dress style

on April 13, 2012  Marie said:

The idea of mini pies is GENIUS! Pies are a definite comfort food but making them portable by making them smaller and putting them on sticks is very unique! I'll defitinely tell our brides and my friends to try this idea. Thank you for it!!!

on April 12, 2012  Personal Injury Attorneys Colorado said:

So beautiful, I love her dress. ♥

on March 28, 2012  Personal Injury Lawyer said:

I love the flowers in the hair! So beautiful!

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