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5 Nail Art Designs To Try with Scotch Tape!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday December 15, 201122 comments

Who knew that an everyday household item like scotch tape could make such a fabulous addition to your beauty kit?

It's true! Nail art with scotch tape is an easy and quick way to recreate some of the nail art trends of the Spring 2012 runway or to experiment and create something else totally unique. 

We came up with five nail art designs using scotch tape and we’re thrilled with the results! We’re also loving using a variety of colours mixed with metallic and sparkles to create these looks. Add in the options of nail stickers and konad nail stamps, and the possibilities are endless! 

Before you start: Paint a base layer of the colour of your choice. We prefer going for a light coat to easily paint over and create a nice contrast! 

Next, you'll need to cut out the tape to create your designs, here's what we came up with: 

The Finished Look: 

Look #1 On the side of a piece of tape, cut a few, small triangles out to create a jagged edge. Place over your dry base layer, either horizontally or vertically. Paint over top in another colour of your choice, let dry and peel off tape.  

Look #2 Place a piece of tape diagonally over the top corner and bottom corner of your nail. Paint over top in a different colour, let dry and peel off for a cute diagonal stripe.  

Look #3 Take two pieces of tape, place one end over the other to create an 'L' shape. Place this over your nail so that there is only a small square visible. Paint over and let dry. When dry, peel off tape. Repeat the same process, on the opposite corner, diagonally from your first square.  

Look #4 Gently fold over a piece of tape with the adhesive side out. In the middle, cut out a small triangle, the bottom on the edge of the fold. Unfold the tape and place over your nail so that the diamond you created in the middle of your nail. Paint over the tape with another colour, let dry and peel off! 
Look #5 Cut around 4 or 5 thin, narrow strips of tape that taper at the top. Place the strips, all with the tapered ends at the top of your nail. We took inspiration from this blog and spread them out, flaring. Paint a layer of another colour over top. After the coat dries, peel off the tape!

Which one of these looks would you try?
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on November 21, 2014  Andi said:

So cute, and really good idea!

on May 28, 2012  NatalieM  1,230 said:

These look great! will definitely be trying this.

on May 07, 2012  improperganda  670 said:

very cute

on May 07, 2012  sirenstarlight  7,243 said:

I love #5!
What a great idea! :)

on May 07, 2012  mimi8801  14,997 said:

Great ideas I would of never thought of using scotch tape

on February 03, 2012  sacki20  971 said:

this is awesome for beginners, painting lines can be pretty hard this way you can learn this is a great tutorial thank you for posting!

on December 20, 2011  slaroche  1,432 said:

Great idea!!

on December 18, 2011  Aliza  13,970 said:

Great ideas! Going to have to try some of these out!

on December 17, 2011  spoony  10,111 said:

I like the starburst look (#5) it's a nice way to add interest and tone down a glitter/shimmer polish

on December 16, 2011  Riya  915 said:

That's so creative! I've only ever used the Sally Hansen strips on my fingertips for french tips, but these ideas are a must-try!

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