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Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

Posted by Tasha | Friday July 22, 20113 comments

Not long ago, Biotherm educated me on the importance of moisturizing. Sebaceous glands in the skin are what keep it soft and hydrated. However, when those oils dry out, it’s important to moisturize and replace them so your skin can continue its function as a barrier between your body and the harsh elements of Canada’s environment.  

1. LUSH King of Skin Body Butter (C$13.95) is a concoction of cocoa butter, Shea butter, almond oils, fresh avocado and oatmeal. This solid body butter sounds good enough to eat. 

Refresh your skin with Kiehl’s Imperial Body Balm (C$54.00), a mix of cocoa butter, honey and vitamin E. Alternatively, you could just keep it on your dresser and admire the royal-worthy packaging. 

3. Korres Guava Body Butter (C$33.00) is paraben, mineral oil and silicone free. What ingredients it does have leave your skin silky and soft.   

4. Bath & Body Works Super Rich Body Cream (C$18.00) is exactly what it says it is, a super rich body cream, with Shea butter, macadamia nut oil and Vitamin E. 

5. For those body parts that always seem drier than the rest try Bath & Body Works Body Balm (C$19.50) with 100% Shea butter to soften them up.

6. Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk (C$35.00) works wonders for restoring moisture and elasticity to the skin. The olive oil formula absorbs quickly into the skin so you can moisturize and move on with your busy day.  Plus, the light citrus scent is nothing to turn your nose at. 

Boitherm's study claims that dry skin is the most important concern for women. What is your biggest beauty concern? 
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on July 25, 2011  cocoa butter body butter said:

Really good article, it opend my eyes, many thanks!

on July 22, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

I recently purchased 7 jars of Evelyn & Crabtree "Naturals Coco Butter, Nutmeg & Cardamom Body Butter". Yes, 7, lol. They're discontinuing that product so I stocked up. I've tried a lot of different body butters but that one is soo so moisturizing! And the moisture lasts and lasts. It's not like one of those moisturizers that feel good when you apply it but disappears in an hour. This one actually lasts all day and until you shower. I have super dry skin, so for me to say this, means a lot. The only problem with this body butter is I keep touching my arms lol

on July 22, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

Agreed, Dry skin is one of my main concern. More than that for me though, are the breakouts that I keep getting! I blame the heat! :( Any solutions for those?

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