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NADA Fall/Winter 2010 Future Fashion/Fashion Future

Posted by Ali | Wednesday March 24, 2010 Leave a comment
NADA has long been one of my favourite designers. The clothes are always sophisticated and sexy. You don't have to work to interpret them. This season however, it's a little bit different. Instead of showcasing at Toronto's LG Fashion Week next week, Nada Shepherd treated the media to a 3D video presentation at Cineplex in advance.

Makeup by Elizabeth Arden

The fashionable crowd donned plastic glasses and watched a 7 minute Fem-bot video game, where Avatars modeled her clothes while engaging in a series of fighting sequences. To say it was an innovative approach is an understatement. The goal was to make fashion interesting and accessible for people online beyond looking at (in her words), "traditional old-school photography".

While I love the idea of engaging people online in a game format, it was harder to see the clothes. On a runway, you can see how the clothes move and watch the themes unfold as the entire collection is revealed.

In this case, outfits were small on the screen with the exception of the few pieces the Fembots wore while fighting. With the action and 3D effects, it was a challenge to focus on the clothes. I can tell you that the collection is futuristic, flowing and ninja-esque, but I couldn't tell you which piece I liked the best or what it says about the trends for fall.

Shepherd says though she won't have a traditional runway show next week, she believes the future of her fashion shows will be smaller more exclusive venues where fewer will be invited to see her work up close. I hope she doesn't do this, as it will exclude many fans.

Still, you have to give her credit for taking a risk and trying something new. If you'd like to see the video for yourself, visit nada3d.com or watch it in 2D on FashionTelevision.com.

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