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New ChickAdvisor Opportunity: Eucerin Review Challenge

Posted by Claire | Monday March 21, 201619 comments

When we were teenagers, we chose body care products based on fragrance and which celebrity endorsed it on TV. Of course, I was from the generation that thought getting a sunburn in early spring was the best way to get a solid tan base for later in the season. Higher reasoning was reserved for such complexities as how to get a guy to ask you out without having to openly tell him you liked him back.

When I became a mom and my little ones experienced dry skin, all I cared about was effectiveness. I remember the first time I encountered Eucerin products in the store. I was drawn to its simple, almost clinical packaging and words like "intensive repair".

"But.... it's not piiiiiiiiink!" my 4-year old wailed as I nodded approvingly. 

Sure enough, after just one use her skin showed huge signs of improvement. After that Eucerin became a staple in our household, just as effective on my now-teenage daughter's skin as on my rough 'n tumble sons and hobby home-renovator husband. Someone in our house always has chapped or dry skin that needs relief!

The brains behind the Eucerin brand have been dedicated to providing scientifically proven and dermatologist recommended solutions for over 100 years. If you've ever had dry skin concerns and prefer fragrance-free solutions, chances are you've tried Eucerin, too. That's why we're calling on all of our members who've ever used Eucerin to participate in a special Review Challenge for a chance to win one of five $25 gift cards!

STEP 1: Visit the Eucerin Review Challenge page
STEP 2: Click on a Eucerin product you're using currently or have tried in the past
STEP 3: Write your review and don't forget to click "Save Review"!

For every Eucerin product you review, you will receive bonus ChickAdvisor points and be entered for a chance to win one of five Amazon.ca e-gift cards valued at $25. If you review five Eucerin products, you'll also automatically receive a limited edition profile badge!

<Opportunity is closed>

NOTE: please only review products that you have actually used, and be sure to focus just on the specific product you are reviewing (i.e. do not review multiple products in a single review post). 

Good luck!
Rules: Only reviews posted during the Review Challenge window count as entries for the contest portion. Reviews posted for Beiersdorf products not featured on the Review Challenge page are not eligible for this opportunity. All reviews must meet our normal criteria and reflect actual use of the product. You must be logged into your ChickAdvisor account for your review to be recorded properly. If you do not have a ChickAdvisor account, click here to register. ChickAdvisor membership is free. Contest ends April 3, 2016. The Eucerin Review Challenge is open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec and where prohibited by law) who are of age of majority in their province or territory. By posting a review on ChickAdvisor, you consent to the possible use of your quote by Beiersdorf in advertising. 

Congrats to our Review Challenge WINNERS! sonyaj012, bubbles77, JodyLeitch, alexandriaowen, and thereviewprincess

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on April 27, 2016  pankajsehoriya  158 said:

This is a great Opportunity Eucerin makes Great Products that's great for your skin I've tried 5 different Eucerin Products in the past and they were all wonderful made my dry skin feel so soft instantly

on April 15, 2016  tatjanadannemann  10,238 said:

this is great for anyone with dry skin. It works miracles ! you will not be dissapointd !

on April 04, 2016  Chantsalecia  363 said:

The calming cream is a great purchase for the drying weather in Canada right now. I usually find my skin dry and itchy. But this product has definitely calmed my skin down.

on March 28, 2016  laura2423  66,534 said:

I've never tried any of these products before but would be happy to give them a try.

on March 27, 2016  DEANENE  57,650 said:

This is a great Opportunity Eucerin makes Great Products that's great for your skin I've tried 5 different Eucerin Products in the past and they were all wonderful made my dry skin feel so soft instantly

on March 27, 2016  DEANENE  57,650 said:

I love Eucerin products it feels so soft on my skin

on March 25, 2016  elliemura  3,316 said:

Love Eucerin! Used it a lot when my mom used to buy it. Nowadays a little too pricey for me, but happy to see they included a coupon. Will look into stocking up on some products.

on March 24, 2016  ang1967  208 said:

I have used the calming cream and it really did a great job on taming the itch of winter dry skin on hands but also used it on my legs as well..i would recommend it to anyone

on March 24, 2016  laurenyoung8790  6,885 said:

I've always wanted to try this brand but have never had the opportunity.

on March 24, 2016  charbella2  38,997 said:

I love these products!

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