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New Offer on FamilyRated / Nouvelle Offre sur FamilyRated: Knorr

Posted by Jennifer | Wednesday February 7, 201813 comments
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FamilyRated is giving 400 lucky families the chance to try an assortment of *new* Knorr One Skillet Meals and Knorr Selects Pasta and Rice dishes
Want to learn more? Head on over to FamilyRated for all the details on how your family could be one of the lucky ones! 

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason. 


FamilyRated offre à 400 familles la chance d'essayer un assortiment des *nouveaux* accompagnements Knorr Selects pâtes et riz et des repas à la poêle Knorr One Skillet Meals!
Envie d'en savoir plus? Rendez-vous sur FamilyRated.com pour connaître tous les détails de cette offre et savoir comment votre famille pourrait les tester gratuitement:


Vous devez être membre FamilyRated pour vous inscrire (l'inscription est gratuite). L'inscription à une offre ne garantit pas d'être sélectionné pour y participer. FamilyRated est la seule entité capable de prendre la décision pour les membres sélectionnés selon des critères déterminés, et se réserve le droit de disqualifier quelconque participant pour toute raison que ce soit.

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on February 12, 2018  faithroy  19,759 said:

I would love to try this! All of the flavours sound amazing, and if not selected, I will just have to go and pick a few up myself. So exciting!!!!

on February 11, 2018  wolflover82  3,669 said:

This would be an amazing one to be selected for. Thanks for the opportunity to apply! #TryKnorr #FamilyRated #ChickAdvisor

on February 10, 2018  suzannem1  8,045 said:

Crossing fingers!

on February 09, 2018  narona89  233 said:

Sweet... can't wait to be selected.

on February 09, 2018  Karenhuard  408 said:

Would love to try these into the family dinners

on February 09, 2018  Julia_luxe  1,354 said:

Cool! Thanks for the opportunity! It would be so fun and tasty to be a part of this round .

on February 08, 2018  LaurenMinett  2,468 said:

I'd love to be able to try these! Some nights are just super busy and dinner is a rush. These sounds so tasty! Thanks for the opportunity. #TryKnorr #FamilyRated #ChickAdvisor

on February 08, 2018  diannamerritt  16,701 said:

I would love to win this campaign and try all three, but if I have a choice of one then I defiantly want to try the White Cheddar Broccoli one. #TryKnorr #FamilyRated #ChickAdvisor

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