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New Product Review Club: Dove® Beauty Bar

Posted by Claire | Monday April 2, 201266 comments
Recently I told you about my crush on Christian Slater! Okay, actually I was raving about the Dove® Beauty Bar and what a difference it made for my skin.  You need more proof?  Here are a few factoids:

1.  Soap residue is a deposit formed by the interaction of soap molecules with calcium from hard water.  I have hard water, so this hits home.  I’m talking about that tight, almost chalky sensation that feels so uncomfortable until I apply my body lotion – sound familiar? Most bar soaps can leave this residue on your skin but Dove® is formulated to rinse cleaner than soap in hard water.  We could get all science-y and technical, but as you know it’s far more important to talk about appearances (*wink).

2. You know how I just mentioned feeling the need to use extra layers of body lotion after showering with regular soap?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  Here’s your chance to try Dove® Beauty Bar, which not only rinses clean but that also leaves skin feeling moisturized – double duty beauty!

3. Dove® is gentle on skin, and that’s why I used their baby bar on my kids when they were infants.  Why I didn’t make the logical step to use it for myself can only be attributed to serious sleep deprivation.

Have I convinced you yet to consider switching from your regular bar soap to Dove?  How about an extra incentive!  Our pals at Dove® want to hook 750 of our best friends (i.e. you) with a freebie to test for yourselves.

All you have to do is complete this short survey before April 22 and qualify.  We’ll notify all selectees by email during the week of April 23.  Offer is open to residents of Canada over the age of majority.

What is the Product Review Club? It’s ChickAdvisor’s hugely popular testing panel!  We periodically recruit members to try exciting products from our brand partners and post their honest feedback about their experience. In order to join, you must fill out a short survey to help us match the right products with the right candidates. Not all applicants will qualify.  ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.  For more information, eligibility requirements, and how to sign up, click here now to get started!

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on May 01, 2013  Imother  241 said:

I love how it makes my skin feel so soft

on May 01, 2013  Imother said:

I love how it makes my skin feel so soft.

on October 10, 2012  bluesparkles  595 said:

You don't really need to use any other skin conditioning cream after bathing with dove.
It's really good as it moisturizes your skin and makes it feel soft too!

on August 15, 2012  Racenhawk  2,659 said:

Thanks for selecting me. I've always used Dove and will continue to do so.

on June 13, 2012  skykeeg  534 said:

dove is my favorite by far the best. i've tried

on May 22, 2012  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Reminder: if you were selected to participate in the Dove Beauty Bar Review Club, you should be posting your review in our usual review area instead of in the article comments here (though we of course welcome your feedback in both areas!). Here is the link you should use:


When you get there, click on the pink "Add Review" button, and it should be smooth sailing from there on! If you have any questions, please contact us at PRC@ChickAdvisor.com.

on May 22, 2012  Irish_Girl said:

I've loved dove for a long time. It's an amazing product that is great for sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate. It does over dry. Simple. Loveable.

on May 17, 2012  Monica1313  173 said:

Thanks for allowing me to try the Dove Bar Soap.. We loved how it made our skin feel so soft! Plus we LOVED the smell!

on May 16, 2012  redchickypoo  523 said:

Love Dove...Thanks for picking me to review this soap :)

Dove Beauty Bar makes my skin feel soft...It adds moisture and doesnt dry my skin like other soaps . Lathers wonderfully and washes clean and doesnt leave a residue as some soaps do..I highly recommend Dove Beauty Bar

on May 10, 2012  Chante said:

This is my first time using the dove bar and it is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and moisturized . I will for sure be buying this. Also it's a very good makeup remover lol. Thanks for selecting me

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