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Oscars 2014: 10 Best and Worst Dressed on the Red Carpet (Comment to Win!)

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday March 3, 201476 comments

Last night's Oscars had some awesome (the selfie that broke Twitter!), weird (John Travolta completely butchering the name of the person he presented) and super low points (some of those montages were a SNOREFEST). Of course, there were really only two reasons why we tuned in: Ellen and the red carpet fashions. Ellen was her usual charming self, but with the exception of a few knockouts, the fashion kind of left me feeling.... meh. 

In any case, we chose the very best of the best and the very worst of the worst and compiled our lists! We didn't agree on all of them, but that's the best part about CA - you get to voice your opinion! So leave us a note below telling us which outfits you hated and which you loved and we will reward you with an entry to win a prize pack worth C$35.00! Good luck! 

The 10 Best Dressed 

1. Lupita Nyong'o 
Christina: Is there anything she can’t look good in? The plunging neckline of the Prada gown and pastel blue colour looks amazing on her.

Alexandra: I am fairly convinced that Lupita is a secret alien princess sent here from another planet for us to ogle at. 

2. Kate Hudson

Christina: Wow, she looks amazing! I’m usually not one for such bold shoulders, but it works so well in this sparkling Versace gown with the plunged neck line. Her old style Hollywood make-up and hair worked so well with the gown.

3. Amy Adams

Alexandra: This one is my pick because I adore navy blue. The dress is so clean, simple and elegant. One complaint? HATE that hairdo. 

4. Sandra Bullock 

Alexandra: On the other hand, I loved Sandra Bullock's soft, old Hollywood waves that went with her voluminous dark blue dress. I thought this number was a lot sleeker than her Golden Globes outfit

5. Maria Menounos 

Christina: Maria’s crown of braids and simple make-up worked perfectly with her white, sleeveless Johanna Johnson gown and Jimmy Choo shoes. She looked like a sparkling princess! 

6. Cate Blanchett 

Christina: The classic starlet Cate Blanchett brought her A-game and sparkles to the red carpet. There was no shortage of crystal in her nude Armani dress. Her short waves and droplet earrings pulled the look together perfectly. 

Alexandra: This is totally Cate to a tee! This dress is so flattering on her and I loved how her hair and jewels complimented the dress. 

7. Charlize Theron 

Alexandra: I am obsessed with this look. Everything about it, I love. From the optical illusion straps to the mermaid cut. 

8. Jennifer Lawrence 

Christina: J.Law’s red Dior dress and Ferragamo clutch totally worked on this year’s red carpet. She’s definitely bringing peplum and her famous fall back, since she started off the red carpet with a quick trip out of the limo.

Alexandra: I think what stood out for me the most on Jennifer was her hair and backwards necklace action. She took what was a basic red Dior dress and made it unique. 


9. Olivia Wilde 

Christina: Can we all just recognize the fact that she’s pregnant and still looks flawless in Valentino? She looks simply stunning with her hubby Jason Sedeikis - they’re the perfect couple and possibly the coolest parents to be. 

Alexandra: Did you see him taking snapshots of her with his phone on the red carpet? Cuteness alert! 

10. Kerry Washington 

Christina: Kerry is in Jason Wu (this is his first dress worn at the Oscars, yay Jason!). She makes being pregnant look like the most luxurous accessory. Simply flawless.

Alexandra: I wasn't a huge fan of the neckline at first, and the dress seemed very wrinkled on the carpet. But I think a quick steam behind the scenes sorted that out and she looked like a million bucks when she presented. 

The 10 Worst Dressed 

1. Kristen Bell 

Christina:  Kristen brought in the winter weather in this Roberto Cavalli gown. There’s so much going on and the pointed neck line did not work well with the dress or her figure. Sorry Kristen, I still love you and your sloth video. 

2. Angelina Jolie

Alexandra: There is something about this gown that I cannot stand. I think it's the sheerness and crazy patterened spikes of jewels. Is it just me or does it make her torso and arms look incredibly weird and long?

3. Julia Roberts

Alexandra: Love you Jules, but not this dress. Again, another number that gives the illusion of a saggy, lumpy chest. Not happy. Also, that lace peplum? Old news. 

4. Anne Hathaway

Christina: The past Oscar host dared to move away from her usual prim and proper gowns and I say she failed in Gucci. I like the dress but not for the Oscars. This is a time to dress up and be outrageous and fabulous, and the studded dress just doesn’t make the cut.  

5. Meryl Streep 

Christina: It pains me to say this, but what was she wearing? Meryl missed the wow factor this year with a two-tone drapey dress. 

Alexandra: You can do better than this, Meryl. A little more form fitted, a little colour and you'd be good to go! 

6. Portia De Rossi: 

Alexandra: Portia tried really hard on this one so you have to give her credit. But this weird doily just missed the mark. 

Christina: The hostess’ wife looked more like a snowflake cut out. Portia picked a Naeem Khan gown, with a cutout design. The high neck and top part of the gown is fabulous, but the mixture of patterns on the bottom just didn't work for me. 

7. Emma Watson 

Christina: I’m probably going to get in trouble for this one, but she looked just as gloomy as the weather in California. Her charcoal Vera Wang gown with the slightly flared bottom didn’t flatter her young figure. On a brighter side - her make-up and hair looked beautiful! 

Alexandra: I actually like this dress and I love it on Emma, but it seemed so out of place at the Oscars! I feel like a little less grunge and little more glamour would have gone a long way. 
8. Anna Kendrick 

Alexandra: In some ways, this dress is really cool, the beading and sheer cutouts are interesting, but with the hemline and asymmetrical strap, it's just way too much. It just needed to be simplified a bit. 

9. Liza Minelli 

Christina: Liza, Liza, Liza, silky blue pant and top combo? I know Miz Liza is a legend, but even Ellen took a stab at her in her opening speech, calling her a man. I won’t go that far but this solid coloured two piece is giving me the blues. 

10. Sally Hawkins 

Christina: Love Sally, don’t love her in Valentino. I feel like she’s drowning in my grandmother’s doily closet, and her sleeves are a bit long. Sorry Sally, maybe next year?

Alexandra: Way too much fabric for me to like this dress. A lower neckline and short sleeves would have made this modern and young. 

Favourites? Least favourites? Let us know and you could win!
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on March 07, 2014  Hot Cuppa  922 said:

I was eager to see what Lupita (we're on a first name basis) would be wearing now that she's wowed the world in jewel tones. How could she possibly follow up that captivating Ralph Lauren red cape dress at the Golden Globes and the teal Gucci with floral detail she wore at the SAGs?! Well, she didn't disappoint. The powder blue Prada gown she selected was a fresh change. And those pleats!!!! When she demurely held up the skirt to ascend the stairs to accept her award, that's when the material was displayed to its fullest. I literally gasped! She selected the right dress for that precise winning moment!

on March 07, 2014  grannychanny4 said:

For best dressed I just can't make up my mind so I give a tie to Kate Hudson and Lupita Nyong'o
For worst dressed Sally Hawkins

on March 07, 2014  Dream24  2,133 said:

Best Dresses: Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Lupita Nyong'o and Jennifer Lawrence. I love everything about their look. They look elegant, radiant and amazing.

Worst Dresses: Liza Minelli, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Kristen Bell. For such stunning ladies, there is no reason for them to have chosen such unflattering dresses. I do have to say, despite their dresses, their makeup and hair are flawless.

You have to hand it to the ladies to wear their outfits and personality with grace and class, especially at a highly broadcasted event such as this.

on March 07, 2014  dreamer  1,442 said:

I like Lupita Nyong'o's dress but unfortunately not on her. I don't understand the need to have such a plunging neckline. In my opinion, it just accentuates the lack of cleavage.

Sally Hawkins & Liza Minelli, I have no idea what they were thinking - yuck. Was Liza trying to be seductive? Kristen Bell looks like she is sucking it in.

I like Sandra Bullock's. She always looks so put together - simple, elegant.

on March 06, 2014  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

I think Charlize looks amazing! Her dress is different, and looks angled-yet-clean at the same time.
And like Chicks on here have said, Meryl does look a bit frumpy and plain.
To me, its just 'blegh'.

on March 06, 2014  Racenhawk  2,689 said:

Sandra Bullock is the best dressed

on March 06, 2014  kasya  1,729 said:

I loved Sandra Bullock's dress and for the worst dress Emma Watson

on March 06, 2014  TashaCat  6,762 said:

Love Sandra Bullock's colour and retro glam look. Lupita's colour is divine. I like Anne Hathaway's simplicity - and I'd totally wear that dress. Don't love Kate Hudson's dress since it feels very 80's to me... is it her mom's?

on March 06, 2014  rebbekka  1,006 said:

Although I liked Lupita Nyong'o's dress, I felt the neckline was too low. Perhaps just for her, but I can`t think of any celebrity that would make me think it was okay.
Absolutely loved everything about Amy Adams' dress. It was a classic beauty.

The dress I hated and could not find even one thing to like? Angeline's. Sparkly, yes, but it made her look frumpy. Maybe she wanted to hide her leg this year.


on March 06, 2014  beautyinfinitum  2,727 said:

I love Lupita's dress! Sally Hawkins' gown really does need less fabric.

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