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Posing in Winter-Warm Dresses: Guess to Win!

| Thursday December 2, 201072 comments

Winter's coming but we ain't skeered.  In fact, we're in the mood to have a little fun with it, posing this week in our frost-friendly frocks:

Jen pairs patterned tights with this cozy knit evergreen dress, keeping things playful with eye-catching stacked bangles.

Cathy's sunshine-yellow belt over sheer shirtdress draws flattering attention to her slender waistline.

Hafsa's going Velvet and keeps things edgy-chic with wedge granny-style lace-ups.  Girlfriend has a pretty cute bag too!

Sometimes you have to put in a little extra effort to make your look complete, right?  One of our posers nearly got into a "situation" with another customer over the last item in stock.  Who was it, and what piece was she fighting for?  Someone's correct guess will earn them a prize!

Reminder: if you're not a ChickAdvisor member, please leave a blog or email address in your response in case we draw your name.  Of course, we'd much rather you mosey over here for your free profile - just sayin'.
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on January 27, 2011  dolce_bellissima  4,214 said:


on January 27, 2011  dolce_bellissima  4,214 said:

I want to know where Hafsa got her adorabl shoes. I have been looking for a pair just like that!!

on December 18, 2010  [email protected] said:

Jennifer's silver butterfly bracelet on her left hand.

on December 08, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

UPDATE: This contest is now closed.

Wow! This was an interesting set of entries because you were all in agreement about your favourite pieces... but all save 2 of you were wrong in your guesses.

The answer to this week's guessing game is .... Jen's bangles! You wouldn't figure Jen for such a tough cookie, would you?

The lucky winner is Sona! Congratulations! We'll be in touch by email for your mailing information.

Everyone else, stay tuned for the next fun game coming soon!

on December 07, 2010  MarBear  511 said:

If it's not on Hafsa, then i'm changing my guess to Jennifers dress!

on December 07, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I'm gonna throw you a hint (just because I'm nice that way...) and tell you - it's not Hafsa!

on December 07, 2010  luv2shop  3,743 said:

Hafsa's boots!

on December 06, 2010  Newfiescreech  4,264 said:

I say it's Hafsa's red bag ..i love it

on December 05, 2010  arika_100  148 said:

Hafsa's red bag!

on December 04, 2010  skittleslove  1,250 said:

Hafsa's velvet dress!

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