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Posing in Winter-Warm Dresses: Guess to Win!

| Thursday December 2, 201072 comments

Winter's coming but we ain't skeered.  In fact, we're in the mood to have a little fun with it, posing this week in our frost-friendly frocks:

Jen pairs patterned tights with this cozy knit evergreen dress, keeping things playful with eye-catching stacked bangles.

Cathy's sunshine-yellow belt over sheer shirtdress draws flattering attention to her slender waistline.

Hafsa's going Velvet and keeps things edgy-chic with wedge granny-style lace-ups.  Girlfriend has a pretty cute bag too!

Sometimes you have to put in a little extra effort to make your look complete, right?  One of our posers nearly got into a "situation" with another customer over the last item in stock.  Who was it, and what piece was she fighting for?  Someone's correct guess will earn them a prize!

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on December 02, 2010  Farah said:

It's Cathy's sheer shirtdress, right? it's cute since you can wear a different color slip under it! ([email protected])

on December 02, 2010  littlestace said:

I'm guessing Hafsa's bag!

on December 02, 2010  SimplySuzi  488 said:

It's got to be Hafsa's red bag!

on December 02, 2010  lisaw  153 said:


on December 02, 2010  Lauren said:

Cathy's Belt? Cute!

on December 02, 2010  sd466  502 said:

definitely Hafsa bags

on December 02, 2010  VitruvianWoman  1,330 said:

I'm saying Hafsa's boots. I would fight someone over them. ;)

on December 02, 2010  tobyhir  1,271 said:

Hafsa's purse...I would have got into a scuffle, too!! LOL It's cute! btw, good for you, Hafsa, for not backing down (I'm confident it's her!) :D

on December 02, 2010  nick a. said:

I'm guessing Hafsa's bag
[email protected]

on December 02, 2010  donna lyn said:

Hafsa's bag is my guess.

[email protected]

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