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Trends in Hair Color: the Lipstick Effect

| Sunday May 24, 20095 comments
Spring and reinvention go hand in hand and your hair seems the logical place to start.  Nothing showcases your personality quite like a new 'do-- as long as it jives with the trend. The bob? Forget it! The pixie? No way!! This year ditch the cut, because according to Clairol’s Creative Director of Colour & Style Marcy Cona, this season it’s all about colour!

“In the past, the shape or style of hair came first and colour second. Not anymore! The hot trend today is custom, personalized hair colour.” And she tells us, there are only a few shades that are sure to stop traffic this spring: “multi-tonal shades of warm blondes, light delicate brunettes and reds with golden undertones.”
Trying out a new blonde or brunette tone doesn’t sound all that daring, but changing your colour even slightly can have a big difference on your overall emotion and level of self confidence, which Mary calls “Hair Colour Happiness.” And since it’s no longer the blondes having all the fun, feel bold and go red.

Before following in the footsteps of young Hollywood starlets like Coco Rocha, Ashlee Simpson and Scarlett Johansson be warned: There are a million different shades, and according to Mary one formula to help you find your perfect one.

"The simple step is to determine if your skin tone is warm or cool. If you have more of a warm tone, your choice of red shade should have a hint of gold. If you have a cooler skin tone and are a little more daring, you’ll love the intensity of a true cool red - choose a red with violet or blue undertones for vibrancy!”
Now that you’ve carefully calculated your colour, all you have to worry about is when and how. It’s no secret that maintaining a bold bright can get pricey and complex, so it’s understandable that some women only trust a salon professional.  But if you’re looking for change and don’t feel like spending the dough to achieve it, consider doing it yourself at home, which Mary tells us has definite benefits besides the obvious one – PRICE!

"[it’s] Beauty on your terms. You decide where and when; you can colour on your time with better at home products that produce great results. Whether it is between your salon visits or at your own pace, you are in control of your beauty!”

And to avoid your colour going from fab to drab, follow her simple tips: avoid shampooing on a daily basis unless you have very oily hair and get your hair trimmed often (porous ends will cause your colour to fade; the best way to treat them is to cut them off).
So brighten up ladies, because it looks like red is the new blonde!

by Katie Coristine

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on July 29, 2009  Warrior  401 said:

I've been thinking of getting some undertones done to my hair but I don't know if I have a warm tone or cool because my hair is between a strawberry blonde and dirty-blonde? And I have fair skin. I have never died my hair so I will most likely go semi-permanent first to see if like but could any of you help me with which undertone would compliment my skin more so than the other?

on June 25, 2009  Becky  13,068 said:

BeccaDawn: Try L'Oreal Paris - they have shades that are specifically made to work on darker hair. Those 'special' shades are marked with "for dark hair only". Just go to your nearest Shoppers DrugMart / Pharma Plus / Jean Coutu or whatever you have, and ask the cosmetician.

I colour my hair at home, and honestly I prefer to do it. I've coloured in the salon before and didn't like the end results much - colour doesn't last as long, fades faster, and my hair feels unhealthy and not soft like it usually does.

on June 21, 2009  BeccaDawn  488 said:

I have dark brown hair, but in the Summer I get slight auburn highlights. I've always wanted a more reddish tone. If I do dye my hair, I'd do it at home. Is there such thing as having too dark of hair that the drugstore dye won't show up?

on June 04, 2009  Cutiexpie96  103 said:

My hair is a warm honey blonde, but I really hate it. I want my hair to be more of a champagne blonde or brunette. My whole family was born with pure platinum blonde hair including me but all of our hair got darker except for my mom. My father's hair is a dark brown now. My friends and I always get each others hair and see what it would look like on ourselves and everyone thinks I would look good as a brunette or even with black hair. I guess it's sort of in my genes though since my dad's hair is almost black and my hair is consistantly getting darker so mine might get that way too. I don't know what to do though because it's right in the middle, it either needs to be blonde or brown but it won't go.

on June 01, 2009  81Goose  157 said:

Does anyone know how to get Pink's ( the singer ) her white ashy blonde colour? Any suggestions? My hair is already Platnium Blonde.

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